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我想要水果salad食譜(製作法,製作材料) 用英文寫80個字!!!快!!!!PLEASE!!

我想要水果salad食譜(製作法,製作材料) 用英文寫80個字!!!快!!!!PLEASE

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    Fruit salad with chocolate sauce

    Preparation time less than 30 mins,Cooking time less than 10 mins


    For the chocolate sauce

    25g/1oz unsalted butter

    2 tbsp cocoa powder

    50g/1¾oz caster sugar

    100ml/3½fl oz double cream

    For the fruit salad

    ½ mango peeled, stone removed, cut into cubes

    ½ dragon fruit peeled, stone removed, cut into cubes

    1 tbsp roughly chopped fresh mint leaves


    1. To make the chocolate sauce, melt the butter in a frying pan over a medium heat. Add the cocoa powder and caster sugar then mix together.

    2. Add the double cream and stir until smooth.

    3. To make the fruit salad, place the mango and dragon fruit into a bowl and mix together with the mint leaves.

    4. To serve, place the fruit salad into a bowl and drizzle over the chocolate sauce

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    Mango & Fresh Scallop Caesar Salad

    Ingredients :

    1 Mango

    1 slice white bread

    8 Fresh scallop

    1 tbsp butter

    Some lettuce, chopped bacon & cheese powder

    Dressing :

    1 tsp chopped garlic

    2 Anchovy fillet

    1/3 cup olive oil

    2 Egg yolk (beaten)

    1 tsp French mustard

    Seasonings :

    4 tbsp white vinegar

    1/3 tsp chilli sauce

    Some salt, sugar & a pinch of pepper

    Method :

    (1) Mash anchovy filet with garlic. Add in French mustard & beaten egg yolk, blend well. Add in olive oil gradually & then put in seasonings, beat well in a salad dressing.

    (2) Rinse, wipe dry & cut lettuce into sections. Skin & remove core of mango, slice it into pieces.

    (3) Cut white bread into dices and shallow-fry it with butter until golden, soak up the fat.

    (4) Rinse and wipe dry scallop. Add in some salt and cornflour. Shallow-fry it until done & dish up.

    (5) Dish up the lettuce & pour on the salad dressing Put on the bread, scallop & mango dices. Sprinkle with cheese powder & chopped bacon. Serve

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