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Does anybody else get this AOL Active Update Pop-up??

I need advice on how to get rid of this thing. It's driving me nuts! I think it's ad-ware/spy-ware but Spybot doesn't get rid of it and I've run Mcaffee and AVG virus programs with no luck. This is what it says:

The following update is ready to install.

Security Update - Critical: AOL has identified a security vulnerability that can be used to execute malicious code. To correct, install this update. You may need to shut down applications and restart your computer. Click here for details.


Thanks Saint for trying to help, but I have already done that... no luck. However, I did a little research and found out that their is an activeupdate file that may be causing the pop-up. I found it and deleted it. So far, no more pop-up :]

Here is the path:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AOL OCP\AIM\Storage\All Users\toaster\aol.activeupdate\en-US\

Update 2:

well I just got the pop-up again, so I deleted the entire folder labeled "Toaster". AIM works fine... and no pop-up... yet.

Update 3:

got the pop-up AGAIN... now I'm trying to delete these files I found... here is the path:

C:\Program Files\AIM6\services\SOFTWAREUPDATE


C:\Program Files\AIM6\services\TOASTER

Update 4:

The last attempt up there WORKS! no more pop-up!

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    Sorry I don't have it lol

  • Anonymous
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    Go to the desk top clik on the start menu. go to run and type

    msconfig and press enter

    go to the start up tab and uncheck every aol stuff that you dont need at startup.

    clik apply and be sure to restart to see if the magic works.

    wish u luck

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