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I have a TON of porn on my laptop- slowing things down. I have a desktop.... how can I easily transfer these videos??? Is there a cord I can use?? Help!!

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    The easiest way to connect your computers is to use the null modem serial cable. To use the null modem serial cable:

    1. Both computers must have an available serial port (also called a COM port).

    2. You must have a null modem serial cable (also called a LapLink serial cable or a serial file transfer cable).

    3. The serial cable must be long enough to connect the computers together.

    The most common serial cables are LapLink serial cables, serial file transfer cable, and null modem serial cables. You cannot use parallel cables to transfer files or settings between computers using the Direct cable option.

    Before purchasing a serial cable, you must check both computers to see if the serial port (also called a COM port) is a 25-pin or a 9-pin port. Most new computers have a 9-pin port and most new cables have a 9-pin plug. If you have a 25-pin port on the computer, you may need an adaptor for the cable. If you have more than one port to plug the serial cable into the computer, don't worry about it too much. Pick one port and plug the serial cable in. The Files And Settings Transfer Wizard will be able to automatically detect the connection, in most cases.

    Once you have selected a serial cable and connected the computers together, run the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard.

    Source(s): Microsoft Windows help
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    haha nice problem. There are several ways:

    1. Burn to CD/DVD

    2. Copy to USB storage

    3. Network the computers via a router (if you have one) and share folders between them. Then just move the files over.

    5. Transfer over the Internet (this may be slow going if it's a LOTTA porn in terms of GB) using online storage (like sendspace), a FTP or Web server that you have access to, a free VPN service (like Hamachi), etc.

    6. Network the two computers via a patch cable of some sort (ethernet or even serial cable back in the day). I don't have much experience with this last one.

    BUT, are you sure it's the porn that's slowing your system down? Unless you are running ridiculously low on hard disk space (thus impacting the virtual memory's performance) it is more likely that your OS is suffering from various other factors such as viruses/adware/spyware that may have come in through the back door with your porn (pun intended), disk fragmentation, too many programs running, or windows has simply reached it's half life as it inevitably does.

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    yes if both laptop and desktop have network card ie the things you plug the big looking phone cords into. You can buy a cord call a crossover cable and transfer them that way. or burn it all to cd or dvd and transfer.

  • 1 decade ago

    or buy two USB powered bluetooth devices, (if both PC and Laptop(Notebook) does not have one.) then do file transfer via your new installed BLUETOOTH devices.

    This is the easier than using serial/modem cables because you will still need to configure the IP addresses of each unit so that they would recognize each other.

    Just make sure your Bluetooth device is on a protected mode.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Burning the data on DVD is the Best option. Just keep them out of reach of children.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think they make usb cables to connect two computers you could do that. or set up a network and do it through that. or buy a portable hard drive and just keep it on that

  • 1 decade ago

    buy a usb flash a 2 gig...and just transfer little by little....there like 10 bucks

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