holocaust paper?

i have to write a paper about how the holocaust was a "journey" and i dont even know where to start... is there a word wizard out there who can help me with a topic sentance?!?


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  • LucySD
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    1 decade ago

    Try Understanding the holocaust it will

    You have access to all of these stories

    just pick one.

    make your assignment much easier.


    Scroll down to essays some excellent ideas.


    contributions on various topics from THHP members.


    Holocaust Chronical


    Partial list of possibilities

    A Letter To God

    Porajmos - Sinti And Roma

    Albert Goering - The Good Brother

    Graphic Holocaust Photos

    Dachau Holocaust Photos

    Wilm Hosenfeld from The Pianist

    Varian Fry, The American Schindler

    Kurt Gerstein, SS Officer

    Nicholas Winton

    Miep Gies

    The Children Of Izieu

    The Forgotten Holocaust

    Photos - The Holocaust children

    The Children Of Bullenhuser Damm

    Hitler and the Nazi Genocide

    The Nazi Genocide

    Men Of Courage

    Old Photos Tell ..

    Holocaust Photos


    More on the same page

    Eyewitness Auschwitz

    Children with the Star

    Hell of Sobibor

    "You can't hang us all .."

    Eva and Miriam Mozes

    Bronislaw, a boy of Holocaust

    Tatiana: Answer To My Son

    A Letter to God

    Miep Gies - and Anne Frank's Diary

    Jane Haining - Saint from Auschwitz

    Bachner - a Jewish Schindler

    Joseph - a five-year-old survivor

    Source(s): above links myself
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    thats annyoingly hard. a journey for whom???

    maybe if you want to do a journey for civiclizatoin:

    "tthrouhg the horrors and tests of the holocaust human civilization has reached a turning point to continue the journey towards betterment of mankind. "

    and then talk about that we now realize about

    1. the potential evil in everone when they think they are doing something for a good casue, but not recognizzing that the measn they are using are immoral

    "a plan is only as good as hte means to get to it"

    2. one leader, one perosn can make all the difference. can be applied for the good also.

    . idk...lol figure it out

    and maybe in colcnlusion talk abotu Dar FUr, and why nothing is happenign there????

    good luck!!!!

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  • Doc
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    1 decade ago

    If you have about a week, you should read "The Diary of Anne Frank."

    Her journey began when the Germans invaded Holland and began imposing antiJewish laws. It ended when she died in a concentration camp just before the camp was liberated.

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  • 3 years ago

    Your instructor is physically powerful. You thesis is in basic terms a imprecise fact of opinion. a good fact could be: All Germans who did no longer lively oppose the Holocaust share in its guilt.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well as a "journey" you could talk about the jouney of the German public from Germans into Nazis and how the nation was brainwashed, desensitised and frightened into a state of mind-numbing compliance and senseless hatred for those less 'pure'.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the jew slatter? hitlers evil rain of hell/

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