Spitzer - random investigation or federal spying on public figures for political purposes?


ABC News reported on its Web site that the probe of the prostitution ring was triggered when a bank told the Internal Revenue Service about suspicious money transfers by Spitzer.

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    Do you think a smart, savvy prosecutor, like Spitzer, who made it a career of jailing some major white collar thuggies would make the same mistake(s) that alerted the Feds to open an investigation on him---using the exact same investigative tools Spitzer created back in his heyday????

    People with careers like Spitzer make major dangerous political enemies: both from prison and along political corridors. And when these enemies ally themselves, they can--for the right price--set you up so good, it'll be almost impossible to prove your innocence.

    You'd be amazed how easy the "right people" can ruin your life and see to it you're convicted and imprisoned for it---all because you made them angry or didn't "tow the party line".

    Read the Yahoo article on the investigation:


    Take note that between the lines, people "in the loop" make suggestions Spitzer may well have been set up like a patsy.

    And it's interesting to note that in mid 2007, Louisiana Congressman David Vitter got snagged eerily similar. I bet odds Vitter and Spitzer may have pissed off the same political heavy---one who can buy an embarrassing "scandal".

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    First of all, the investigation was not random. There are several laws being violated here. One of the interested Parties was the IRS. Unusual money transactions are always suspect. It is against the law to transfer money in a way designed to hide its true intent. At first they thought Spitzer might have been covering up graft or something.

    Second there is the transporting of a prostitute Cross state lines for illegal purposes. This is a felony. Finally, there is the solicitation of prostitution which is a less serious crime. But Spitzer is facing some serious Federal Charges. As a former Attorney General, he knew full well the laws he was violating. In fact he successfully prosecuted several prostitution rings, previously.

    I do not expect him to resign. He is not man enough to take responsibility and resign. They will have to practically throw him out of office. Our deepest sympathies to his wife and children. They will be damaged the most if he does not resign and end the circus.


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    Read the NYTimes article. The discovery was totally random.


    There was a routine IRS investigation of suspicious financial transactions that picked up a series of cash transfers from Spitzer's accounts to some apparent shell companies. At first the FBI thought that they were illegal campaign activities, and because Spitzer is a public official, they turned it over to a special task force that handles public integrity cases. Public integrity cases are those involving government officials and are handled separately so there are no political pressures on them.

    The investigation found out that it was all tied to a large prostitution ring. The proper warrants were obtained to investigate. Spitzer had been involved for some time. This was not the first time he had used the service or this woman.

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    Interesting you blame the Bush Administration.

    First New York Governor Spitzer, who I believe is a Clinton Superdlegate from her own state, gets nailed for soliciting prostitutes.

    And I just read another article tonight which ties Bill Clinton as an Executive Consultant to a Brazilian Ethanol Company that allegedly mistreats their workers, keeping them in conditions of squalor!

    If you want to know where these stories are coming from, I would look to those in the opposing camp pushing change, dear!


    While the stories about the suspicious bank transfers may be true, generally, banks do not report withdrawals or transfers unless they are well over the amount which Spitzer was reportedly paying. Maybe this is just the tip of the iceburg!

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    Yeah maybe. But when you read the indictment - you can't help but wonder what was going on in Spitzer's head. It was as if he wanted to get caught. When you act that stupid, it seems as if he wanted to deliberately throw his life away. (And his family's and friends as well.)

    He paid over $4000 and he had "a balance" already in place. So he had used the services before. Then, he paid more than what was due so that the next "meeting" could proceed more easily by keeping a "credit balance" running.

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    nicely, right this is the element: after the Clinton impeachment, the bar for what qualifies as extreme crimes and misdemeanors has been so decreased that in basic terms approximately something could be considered an impeachable offense. the situation comes right down to political capability. There are no longer adequate Democrats in Congress to push by an impeachment; there are adequate Republicans to commence up an impeachment contained in the great apple statehouse. (As for the faster remark approximately it being the fault of our intelligence companies and not Mr. Bush's, it is in basic terms untrue. Mr. Bush lied in a State of the Union speech, and greater to the factor he stored troops in after it grew to become into sparkling there have been no WMD's) Cheers.

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    Spitzer broke the law, but Dems are looking for anyway to make it Bush's fault.......unbelievable!

    Are Democrats completely unable to be held accountable for their actions? Clinton lied under oath......oh, but it was Ken Star's fault.

    If this were a Republican.....Dems would want their head on a stake! Larry Craig was caught and resigned.....as he should have. Did you see Republicans pointing their fingers at Dems? Of course not.

    I wish Dems would grow up and realize that not everything is President Bush's fault.

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    Spitzer has been caught in exactly the same "spying" that he as Attorney General of New York has been responsible for on numerous occasions. Makes me wonder why he thinks he wouldn't get caught.HMMM...YES! It must be Federal spying because Bush is out to get him! Makes perfect sense. Bush was out to get Larry Craig and Mark Foily as well.

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    Guess you're not reading the press reports, huh?

    It's an IRS investigation of the prostitution ring that turned up ol' holier-than-thou Eliot as a client of super-high priced whores. Wonder what the boy was getting that cost $5,300 an hour - think you could provide that kinda service, girlfriend?

    And it cudna happened to a nicer guy! :-))

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    Spitzer got caught using his agents to spy on his rival, yes, he did! haha and now he got caught in a federal investigation of a prostitute ring,, oh boy,, while he prosecuted others for the same...Oh he's in big trouble!


    Banks are the best tattle tales,,,hey they are even supposed to do that! It's one of our 'tools' against terrorism...

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