Kenya report?

if anyone has any intresting recounts or memories when you went to kenya...or if you can compare it in your point of view to the United states...thanx its for a project

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    Well, i live in kenya and here is the general picture.

    Kenya, by virtue of its geographical location, physical landscape is a country whose people and policies are afflicted by the ‘Tourism Mentality,’ a grave mental disease. Tourism is our livelihood, so even if elephants kill human beings, touch them not since ‘tourists won’t come and we won’t have foreign exchange earnings’. Our athletes run in Europe Circuits and become celebs before they tire out and come back home burnt out and that is when we -mere locals- get to know them. Coffee and tea is grown for ‘export’ so we don’t drink grade 1 coffee, we need to export it to Europe. We allow U.S. troops to train our armed forces so as to ‘provide a base for anti terrorism in Somali and Middle East.’ Hotels at the coast can only serve the natives with a smile during the ‘off peak season’ since they are geared to tourists only. Infact, we even have a tourist police unit, and one tourist killed in a highway gunfight with thugs makes it to prime time news complete with the Police Boss swearing to ‘not leave any stone unturned’ while dozens of Kenyans are killed daily with no hue or cry.

    Kenya's cuisine reflects the diversity of its varied cultural influences dating back many years. Having said this, eating out is not a national pastime although its becoming more so in the wealthier sectors of society.

    During the post election violence, the international media, created the latest tourist attraction package for Kenya: War Journalism. As tourists took the first flight out of their kenyan Safari, foreign journalists trooped in, each with eye and camera lens eager to beam to the world the latest pictures of Africa’s violence. Journalism has become a ratings game and don’t flatter yourselves by thinking that the international media has you in mind- these international media houses are no better than our own, with single person ownership of several news sources, and more responsibility towards corporations than to the truth, why should they care what happens in Africa- for so many people in the international scene, Africa is reported as one large unfortunate country, where many black folk live in poverty and are thankful for the occasional celebrity to jet in and adopt one of our many kids. The fact is for every story that is in the news has a slant- there is always an agenda, but one has to think for themselves to see what is being sold to them in the form of news.

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    How Kenya Compares to the USA:

    Kenyan People:

    I find that Kenyan people are warm and friendly like the American people. Kenya has diversity in tribes whereas America has diversity in international cultures. States like Newyork, Boston and Texas have big multicultural communities as compared to Nairobi

    Kenyan Economy:

    Both economies are similar in the sense that they are driven by small businesses. Kenya's idea of small business is very very small. We refer to it as the Jua -Kali industry where we have one man businesses.

    does this help...........??

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    Kenya has a lot to offer visitors for all your travel needs, For instance if your here on holiday and you want to keep in touch with whats happening at home most Hotels if not all have Cyber cafes to help you.

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