Question about colors/styles tuxedo and flowers for proms - for my 17 yo son.?

Okay, I'm usually pretty good with this stuff but I'm a little stuck. My son and his girlfriend are going to 2 proms - they go to different schools. She bought her dress, it's pale gold - not yellow at all but not like brassy gold either. Darker than champagne colored but almost more in that family. There's no matching it in tux vest/tie so he wants to go with very classic black tux, white shirt, bow tie (James Bond - looking) and that seems okay but now what about flowers? Probably wrist corsage but I've checked around and flowers listed as gold are really yellow which would look terrible. We're thinking off- white flowers for wrist but matching flower for him wouldn't look right with white shirt. Is there some way to tie the gold, white, black thing together by using ribbon colors? Help!

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    Ribbons are perfect. Off white flowers for her, a white one for him, with ribbons that match with her colors. That would tie in the white and off white great.

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  • 4 years ago

    I agree with many of the different points made above. Ground him (or punish him any way you see fit). If you decide not to let him go to prom then you have to be firm and stand by your decision. Remember, if he keeps failing then he's going to have plenty of additional years to do proms - besides, does this count as his junior year since he's failing or does next year count? Another option is a compromise. Let him go to the prom - but you or his date's parents are driving him to the dinner beforehand and the prom. Let him have fun @ the prom and get his pictures, but let him know that you (don't trust the other parents) are going to pick him up. Take him and his date to IHOP or something, then drop her off at home and take him home. He can have a memorable night but his punishment would be missing out of post-prom activities. Don't feel guilty - this is something he controlled. He messed up and he has to see some kind of consequences for his actions. Also, does he really have to redo the 11th grade? Is summer school an option, or night classes. He may not want to attend classes in the summer, but it seems as though his options are dwindling. Good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Wow you are kind of stuck, but I would suggest an off white flowers, with black ribbon, and gold glitter on the flowers. For my prom I wore black and white, so my corsage was white with black ribbon and white/silver glitter. It was the perfect touch.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you should go to countryside

    my mom works there and their good at that stuff.

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