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does this hurt horses?

i sometimes give my horse a piece of choclate when i'm eating it down at the barn. can chocolate hurt horses like it does to dogs?


she is always begging for some so i just give her a little. but i wasnt to sure if it would hurt her. i give only a little bit.

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    Why would you want to? Interestingly, chocolate is a powerful stimulant in horses; its use is banned in horse racing. Cocoa and chocolate may in fact be toxic or lethal to dogs, horses and cats, because these animals metabolize theobromine more slowly than humans. If they are fed chocolate, especially dark chocolate, the theobromine will remain in their bloodstream for up to a day, and the animals may experience epileptic seizures, heart attacks, internal bleeding, or death. Why do people keep trying to feed horses things other than what has been proven beneficial to horses?

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    I don't know of it hurting you horse. All I know is you do not want to give your horse chocolate before a drug test. The horse will test positive. I would not reccommended it. I still feed my horse junk. I share my cheese its with her and rice crispie treats. Usually what I have she begs for. Again I only give her a little bit.

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    The little amount you are talking about will not hurt one. No reason for anyone to make a fuss over it. We are talking what amounts to a a human having a small lick. The stimulant would be in the caffeine but horses can handle that amount without any effects whatsoever.

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    Anything in excess is bad, but very small amounts won't usually cause any serious or immediate problems...we'll occasionally give the horses a TINY TINY bit of chocolate donut...I try to avoid it as much as possible, just to be on the safe side.

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    I would not give chocolate to my horses. Sugar is not good for them.

    That said, I don't think it is poison to horses like it is to dogs. I suppose anything in moderation is ok. I know lots of poeple who give their horses the strangest treats.

    I wouldn't make too much of a habit of it though :).

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    No a few pieces of chocolate here and there are NOT bad for the horses.

    My horse eats cheeto's, oreo's, and drinks sprite often as well lol.

    As long as you dont overdo it, its ok.

    If you wanna have a simple and cheap solution to horse treats, go to the grocery and buy plain oatmeal and molasses. Mix the two of them together, stick them in the oven for 5 minutes and then in the fridge to cool. The horses LOVE them.

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    Pulling a horses mane hurts? i do no longer remember ever making use of scissors or clippers on ANY of our horses manes ever. I even have consistently pulled their manes. I do use clippers for the bridle course, yet I pull manes, through fact i admire a mane to look organic. Our horses do no longer look to concepts having their manes pulled one bit. I frequently do approximately 6 or 8 inches at a time if I permit it pass too long with out doing it. Then I supply a sturdy scratch on the foundation & enable them to pass. as quickly as I deliver them decrease back in I end it off. as quickly as I shop up on them, then I in basic terms form of randomly pull what needs it, while it needs it.

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    It is probably not the best idea it is very high in sugar and caffeine Although I know it is hard to say no when they beg but I try to keep stuff on hand that I know they like better and is better for them such as Carrots or Horse treats

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    My horses eat all kinds of stuff. My barrel horse loves cheese pizza with stuffed crust. As long as you don't give more than just a bite every now and ten you'll be fine.

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    no dont let the animals find out the secret of the powerful chocolate drug! us humans only know about it. give me a break. you all go 'oh my god. she like gave her horse chocolate. burn her at then stake.'. what a load of crap. get a life people. give your horses some chocolate and they might actually tolerate you squashing them with a saddle and pulling on their mouth with your cruel hands and tying them up so they cant run free. do you think it is not cruel to ride them/whip them/crop them/tie them etc? morons.

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