10 points! guys somebody give me sources of "Rocky Mountain Spoyted Fever"?

4 sources of rocky mountain spotted fever

thank you

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    Treating Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

    Doctors usually diagnose Rocky Mountain spotted fever based on enough symptoms to indicate infection. Test results for RMSF can take a while to be sent to the doctor, so treatment often starts before the results are available.

    RMSF is typically treated with oral or IV antibiotics, depending on the severity of the infection. Complications may require prolonged treatment.

    Untreated, RMSF can lead to serious health problems, so it's important to call your doctor promptly if you notice any symptoms of RMSF, such as:

    high fever



    muscle aches

    red eyes


    Without antibiotic treatment, RMSF can lead to health problems that involve the heart, lungs, and brain. In the most severe case, it can be fatal.

    If your child is recovering from RMSF at home, follow the doctor's instructions for giving antibiotics. Allow your child to rest in bed until the fever and other symptoms are gone.

    Source(s): ticks
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    This is a link about Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from a reliable source: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/00...

    It is a disease caused by a bacteria which is transmitted by a tick.

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    when humans get it, it comes from a tick... usually Dermacentor variabilis (american dog tick) or Dermacentor andersoni ( Rocky Mountain wood tick) are the carriers in the US... in other countries it would be from other types of ticks.

    So there are two sources... In theory you could also get it from a squashed tick or from tick feces.... One could argue that any other ticks you might name that happen in the US could spread the desease but the two listed are the main culprits.

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    Dog tick, lone star tick deer tick, rocky mountain wood tick


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