Natural disasters? are they so natural?

I dont know who to blame. these earthquakes and storms have gotten england shook up. America is getting worse tornados like Catrina and so on..

Are all these 'natural' disasters really natural? I say NO! they are not. I beleive some where in the world someone is messing around with nature. We have never had this before.

It sounds crazy but listen. If ''natural'' disasters are on the rise, doesnt that mean that we could be on the verge of a Ice age or a massive earthquake? is small plates (earthel) are clashing and so on, other plates will move which are bigger and clash. Meaning a big tear in the world.. I dont know whats happening but thinking of the closest plate is in the middle of the pond between UK and USA. so if them two clashed, it must of been a big one to start off in the ocean.

I am concerned.

What if a massive one happens and it bounces off the rest of the tectonic plates and causes a massive earthquake, Worldwide!

Please, dont call me crazy




Well, if this what you say is true, i must object and say that man has brought alot of this upon us, i mean pollution green house gasses and such are polluting the earth making storms, rips in the Ozone layer and so on.

I beelive it is probebly atleat 100 years before a big thing happens. i do not now belive that this is the start

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    You're not crazy. Some of the things you said are true, but others aren't.

    - We have a negligable effect on volcanoes and earthquakes. These are nothing to do with climate. (Geothermal energy extraction may have some effect, but the mantle is so massive that it really is negligable).

    - Research is currently being undergone about the link between global warming and increased storm activity. There are points for and against it.

    - I can guarantee you, tectonic activity (sea floor spreading, volcanoes, earthquakes, and mountain formation) will stay very much the same for a long time. The only worrying thing is a volcanic "mega-erruption" which can have devostating effects (an explosive volcano which can spew out 1000's of km's sq of ash and debris). However, we have absolutely no effect on this occurance; it will take us completely by surprise.

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    You make some good points. Weather has changed before and it will change again. I think there are two reasons why natural disasters are on the rise. The metling of the ICE caps which used to reflect much of the Suns energy and the rising of the oceans due to the reasons above. With mor water tin the oceans the tidal pressures on the continental plates and the oceanic plates are grater thus we are seing an increase in volcanic activity and earth quakes. It is also affecting the weather. And then the seconfd reason is that the earth is so much more populated now so when we do have a natural disaster the effect is far greater as the number of lives are lost. As far as quakes go in your last statement- most quakes occur at Plate boundries so you do not have to worry about that so much. However a concern would be if an under water ridge of volcanos formed it could redirect the gulf stream and the england and the rest of europe would freeze.

    'Oh and have a nice day.

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    Hmm, you cover a lot of ground here.

    Your first premise, the increase in natural disasters, is more or less sound. The world had a period of unusually nice weather from about the 40s through the 70s, and since then it's been a bit more unstable. However, and its an important point, there is not reason to connect the increase with anything but natural variation and increased human population moving into and living in high risk prone areas. (And yes, locally things like pollution and deforestation and overfishing etc can and do cause major problems, I'm not saying human activity is without its environmental costs and considerations.)

    So your premise is more or less sound, but your conclusion that this is leading up to some sort of world wide earthquake is basically a combination of bad science fiction movies and religious apocalyptic predictions. It's neither logical nor scientific, and there is no need to be concerned at this point, nor is there ever likely to be.

    Here's my list of apocalypses to worry about:

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    Almost always a consequence, the punishment element has more to do with your preparedness and how you deal with the aftermath of Natural Disasters is the real test. Islam teaches us to be prepared for all eventualities, that would be to avoid living near an active volcano or a river bed that is unpredictable etc. similarly we need to be alive to the suffering of others if a Natural Disasters does strike that even overwhelm already in place safeguards.

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    Go to university and do a Geology or Earth Sciences degree. Then you'll understand what the hell tectonic plates are, how they move, and how no man or machine on this earth can control them.

    And technically we are in an Ice Age just now as there is Ice on the earth.

    So go and do some proper reading, and stop worrying that someone is controlling these natural disasters.

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    Do you really think that the teeny, tiny human, totally insignificant and powerless when compared to the massive earth, has the ability to do something that can effect this planet?

    The biggest risk we run is destroying the environment that we need to support our life. The earth can go on fine without us, but we cannot survive without the earth.

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    I can think of nothing else to call you except crazy, sorry, but "natural disasters" have been here since the formaton of the planet. We don't live on a stable platform of land you know, the world is a shifting, uncontrollable mass of super-hot rock and stuff

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    They are naturally occurring as opposed to man made.

    The world is always in a state of movement and change.

    Yes we have had big disasters think of the biblical floods and the Ice age.

    It is not the big ones you have to worry about it is the smaller ones. According to history we are not due for a big one just yet.

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    I assume that you are asking if people agree or disagree with you about people "messing around with nature".

    I do not agree with you. I think all of the events to which you refer are a result of nature-natural events.

    Throughout Earth's history there have been natural changes in climates-as is evidenced by glacial and interglacial periods. There have been mass extinctions and proliferation of certain organisms. That is nature's way. Change is inevitable.

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