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How much money does a professional Blackjack dealer make?

I was just wondering.

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    Definition and Nature of the Work

    The most high-profile workers in casinos and other gaming establishments are the dealers, or croupiers, who run the games of chance. Dealers explain and enforce the rules and wagering guidelines for games, ask patrons to place their bets, conduct the games, make payoffs to the winners, and collect losing bets. Some games, such as dice, craps, baccarat, and roulette, require more than one dealer to run. Dealers are frequently moved from one gaming table to another during a shift and often switch between two or more games per day.

    Education and Training Requirements

    There are no formal education requirements for dealers, although employers do prefer to hire people with high school diplomas or the equivalent. They expect dealers to speak clear and correct English and to have strong mathematical skills. Some employers administer a math test to job applicants.

    Gaming dealers are required to have a certificate or appropriate training from a dealer school. Some technical schools offer classes to train workers in specific games and skills. Other schools offer a Professional Casino Croupier certificate to students who have learned to run all of the games. Some colleges offer programs that include formal training for the casino industry. Casinos may provide dealer training, especially for employees who wish to change jobs.

    Dealers, like all casino employees, must have a license issued by a regulatory agency such as a state gaming control board or commission. To get this license applicants must show photo identification, provide proof of residency in the state in which they plan to work, and pay a fee. The fee varies by geographical area. Age requirements for the job may vary by state as well. All gaming job applicants should expect a thorough background check.

    Getting the Job

    Individuals interested in working as dealers should contact the personnel offices of casinos directly for information on openings and entry-level requirements. Working part time or as a seasonal employee during major tourist seasons is a good way to move into full-time employment.

    The duties of a Pit Boss revolve around two main areas of responsibility:

    - Game Supervision

    - Service Provider

    1 Game Supervision

    The mechanical supervision of gaming includes:

    The co-ordination of all staff efforts through:

    - the maintenance of stringent security standards;

    - achieving optimal efficiency levels through the effective deployment of staff;

    - ensuring the highest possible levels of customer service.

    Ensuring that Gaming is conducted within an established procedural framework by:

    - minimizing the deviation from these guidelines by both patrons and employees;

    - explaining that procedures exist as a safeguard for benefit of all and that everybody is entitled to correct procedures.

    Monitoring the state of play in a consistent and diligent manner by :

    - matching float and table requirements;

    - recording table and player results;

    - remedying equipment failure and staff difficulties;

    - reporting and eliminating potential security violations.

    Communicating relevant matters to a superior in a clear and effective manner by:

    - interpreting and implementing instructions from superiors so as to maximise their


    - encouraging active open two-way communication channels;

    - developing a degree of autonomy amongst staff through the delegation of duties;

    - developing a sense of autonomy through the exercise of considered initiatives;

    - ensuring that responsibility is coupled to accountability.

    2. Service Provider

    The effective provision of service to the public involves and requires a willingness to identify and meet the needs of both internal and external clients:

    Internal Clients

    With regards to members of staff, a Pit Boss must:

    - coach the observance of Occupational Health and Safety requirements which are geared to the physical well being of staff;

    - cater to any needs for technical instruction;

    - promote an atmosphere which is conducive to staff giving of their best;

    - Replace the Me mentality with a We mentality in order to ensure active teamwork;

    - remove any de-motivating factors within the pit;

    - incorporate motivational techniques within the pit;

    - develop a degree of fellowship amongst staff by creating an irresistible example;

    - assume the role of a mentor to their staff;

    - adopt a green-house approach where their own conduct is constantly open to scrutiny;

    - channel staff conduct through positive concern;

    - counsel staff members with a positive outcome in mind.

    Corporate Relations Officer

    With regards to other departments within the Casino, a Pit Boss must:

    - facilitate the harmonious and effective co-operation between their own department and members of other departments;

    - safeguard and preserve sense of collaborative teamwork at all times;

    - move towards joint agreement through open and honest dialogue concerning issues;

    - act within the capacity of a liaison officer between their own and other departments;

    - ensure that a group effort is directed towards staff and patrons.

    External Clients

    With regards to patrons, the Pit Boss must assume the role of Public relations Officer. In accordance with this, they must:

    - act within the capacity of a host with a goal of increasing overall business potential;

    - utilize the empowerment code to ensure that customer grievances are minimized;

    - utilize any complimentary options that are available;

    - be willing to empower other members of staff in certain areas of customer service;

    - respond to requests and enquires in a prompt and effective manner;

    - establish a consistent and equitable relationship with customers;

    - be an extensive source of information on gaming matters and support services;

    - be established in their ability to communicate confidently with patrons;

    - practice active listening skills;

    -develop an empathy with the circumstances surrounding the customer;

    - instill a sense of service orientation amongst all staff members;

    - foster a desire amongst all staff members to exceed the customer's expectations;

    - refine their conflict resolution skills;

    -develop dispute recovery systems aimed at healing the wound;

    - respect all grievances, and legitimately investigate and resolve them in fair and amicable fashion;

    - contribute, wherever possible, to the entertainment factor of the customer's visit.

    Advancement Possibilities and Employment Outlook

    Dealers can advance by maintaining clean work records and by demonstrating professionalism and good customer relations skills. Dealers may be promoted to a higher wage table or to a more desirable work shift. With additional education and training, they may become supervisors.

    The employment outlook for casino dealers is good, with jobs expected to grow faster than the average through the year 2014. As more states are legalizing casino gambling, more casinos are being planned and built, which will increase the number of dealer jobs. The largest future growth will probably be in Native American–owned casinos and in racinos, which are racetracks that offer some casino games. Part-time and seasonal positions will be most readily available.

    Working Conditions

    Casino dealers usually work eight-hour shifts five days per week. Because most casinos are open twenty-four hours a day, shifts are usually staggered, and dealers are expected to work some nights, weekends, and holidays. Dealers are on their feet throughout their shifts but are usually given two short breaks and a mealtime break.

    Casino dealing is a high-pressure job. Dealers must work quickly in a noisy, hectic environment; knowing that they are being observed by supervisory and surveillance personnel adds to their stress level. Dealers must be tactful when dealing with unruly and frustrated patrons and those who do not know when to stop gambling. They may be exposed to cigarette, cigar, and pipe smoke.

    Where to Go for More Information

    American Gaming Association

    555 Thirteenth St. NW, Suite 1010 E

    Washington, DC 20004

    (202) 637-6500


    275 Seventh Ave.

    New York, NY 10001-6708

    (212) 265-7000

    Earnings and Benefits

    Casinos pay dealers a base salary that usually begins at minimum wage. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for dealers in 2004 was $14,340 per year; however, dealers earn a substantial portion of their income from tips. Gaming dealers generally prefer weekend, evening, and holiday shifts because those are the busiest times and often bring in the most tips. In some casinos dealers keep the tips they get; in others the tips are shared by all dealers. Casinos usually provide full-time workers with benefits that include health insurance, retirement plans, vacation time, paid sick days, and extra pay for working on holidays.

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    There is a very big range of pay between dealers. Most casinos pay $6 to $7 an hour but the big difference is the tips.Your tips may only be $20 to $40 a day when you first start in the little "break in" casinos but it gets you the experience you need to get a good job. Most of the dealers in the big strip casinos are making $70k+ per year. This is all based on Las Vegas, where all casinos pool dealer tips. A good dealer in a California casino where they keep their own tips has the potential to make $100k+ per year.

    Source(s): Dealer, Las Vegas strip.
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  • 6 years ago

    The average black jack dealer makes around 45 K a year.

    Since They (we) all make min. wage, It ALL depends on location, city, property, cliental, whether or not the dealer pools or goes table for table ( splits the tips or keeps his own).

    Don't get caught up in what you see on TV the good jobs are hard to get and people don't retire easy in those positions. People will literally sabotage your job to make sure you don't get the promotion they are just hoping for. I'm the in the top 3 best dealers in my casino and still can't get a better job somewhere else.

    Source(s): I've been a table games Dealer for 4 1/2 years.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Specifically, I'm not sure. One of my friends made it two years on nothing but blackjack, texas hold 'em, and various sweepstakes. He lived a 40K / year lifestyle. I'm guessing that if you're good - it ain't too bad.

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    1 decade ago

    I've heard between $10 - $20/hour before tips. After tips I'm sure they do pretty well.

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    1 decade ago

    not much, it may look like a lot when you see players at a table tipping like crazy, but usually these tips are pooled together. I'd say he makes about $20-25/hour gross.

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  • low salary ( minmum ) but they get share of tips which can be substancial

    Source(s): gambler talked to alot of dealers us and canada
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