Do you like this formal dining set?

I am thinking of getting this, but want to get some opinions on it. I really like it. It is part of my living room set. I have chocolate brown leather furniture with the claw arms and lots of carvings. The end tables and coffee tables are also carved well with marble tops. The two rooms are separate and the dining room is the one of the first things you see when you walk into our home. The walls in the living room and hallway is golden brown (a goldish color). Not quite mustard but it has a marigold tone. The walls in the kitchen are a dark red. Kind of an accent wall to the living room. What color would I paint the walls in my foyer and formal dining areas (that would match with this furniture)?


I haven't decided if I'm going to get the china cabinet yet.

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    Since you have some seriously rich and warm colors and stylings, I'd say carry that on through the foyer and dining room. Go with a rich caramel (links are for oranger and browner caramel pics). It'll still be a relatively neutral setting for the foyer for people first entering, but will go really well with that marigold/mustard and dark red, as well as the furnishings. A milk chocolate could also go, but might make the wood seem dingy, as it already has yellow-brown undertones; a warm color to enhance the warmer tones in the wood/fabric would be best. As long as the room is a good enough size and/or lighting is sufficient, the room should look rich and well-coordinated within itself and in relation to the other rooms. If the room is smaller/dimmer, change out the curtains/light fixture for something with more light and/or go with the same hue, but a lighter tone.

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    It’s so important to have a table and chairs that are comfortable and fit the scale of the room. Formal dining is slowing in popularity. Although aging empty nesters with large homes make certain they have a large formal dining table to seat as many children and grandchildren as possible, more often a much more casual large dining area is incorporated into the family or great room.

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    It's hard to see the fabric from the picture but what about a deep sage green or olive color. Sounds like with the golden brown and dark red you have kind of an earthy palette going on and the deep sage would balance nicely with fabric and leather.

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