Is MTV one of the worst things to ever happen to the music world?

Don't get me wrong, folks. When I was a kid during the 80s, I LOVED MTV! (That was when they actually focused on music instead of stupid "reality" shows!) However, since MTV has been around, music has become SO commercialized! Not only that, but the music industry nowadays focuses more on style than substance. If you have a dynamite voice, but you're not telegenic or photogenic, your chances of making it big in the music industry are slim. If MTV had been around during the 50s and 60s, we probably would have missed out on the likes of Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. And God only knows what talented people the music world is now missing out on, thanks to the commercialization of music.

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    We can blame the producers of MTV, we can blame the masses for watching MTV or we can blame people like Simon Cowell for the 'factory farming' of the music industry. We can even blame the capitalist system we live in for encouraging the gold digging and milking of human talent. All the above are probably something to do with where were at.

    Philosophers have argued that 'societies view' is an illusion portrayed by the media upon us. This social collective consciousness that we envisage works to pressurize us into living certain ways. From this I can see your point, that culture based TV producers have tried to engineer our opinions and judgement on society, culture, others and ourselves. They have become ever more efficient at exploiting market potential and therefore their 'products' appear increasingly tailored and canned for our daily consumption. Ironically, reality tv is usually [esp MTV] about people richer than us flaunting their endless wealth for us to only dream about. Even they are often using their mountains of money to detach from reality.

    I think a lot of blame rests with record labels whose arrogant fat bosses essentially decide what WE will listen to tomorrow. They control bands and acts who they see fit for their exploitation. Some of the people they deal with are young and malliable and easily ripped off. Musical revolutions since the 60s have of course always been about the youth rebellion against the status quo. Labels who cherrypick and shape acts are the system and this must be the very thing rebelled against. Luckily things like youtube and myspace are changing that, where talent can gain recognition without a rubber stamp from capitol records and alike.

    With everything seeming a little plastic and asthetic at the minute, I think the best remedy is to get back to small intimate communities where real inspiration is rooted. I think the purpose of punk was that it was a form of purist expression, unadulterated by the foreseen calculated marketing and saleability of the products around it. Tribalism is the core value in breaking the control of the consumerised system which engulfs us. Most of the best culture has spawned from tribal beginnings and died through overexploitation by the fat 'milkers' of the system. In my opinion people should just pay less attention to commercialized crap until it improves again; with greater emphasis on character and less on risk assessment and clinical production levels.

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    No it wasn't one of the worst things to happen to the music world. Some of it's shows, especially Headbangers Ball and 120 Minutes showed the world music that until that time didn't receive a lot of airplay. If it hadn't have been for MTV, I'd have never gotten into bands like the Violent Femmes, The Sugar Cubes and The Jesus and Mary Chain because they weren't getting airplay on commercial radio.

    Every generation has always had it's commercial/corporate artists. Madonna is a good example of commercialized music no matter what decade it lands in.

    There is still good music being made out there now, one just has to dig a little to find it.

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    MTV was great in the 80's with Headbanger's Ball and 120 Minutes. I was in high school when it first aired. It brought music to people that radio stations would not play. Broadcasting music on MTV: What a concept. These stupid reality shows are horrible. Buddy Holly would never have made it today. The Mamas and the Papas would have had to replace Mama Cass if they wanted a record deal today.

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    As usuall music tends to decline in my opinion. It has always been like this... jazz and classical music if you see is way more sophisticated and requires more musical skill than any music coming after that. To my opinion music has always declined, and my personal liking stopped at the end of hip hop,,, basically anything after hip hop is just trash (my opinion so dont bash). And MTV is a business so all they want to do is sell, and music today is all about the image and not about the actual music being played. MTV should be called fashion tv, cuz thats what they really are.

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    Yeah, I'm only 17 so the good MTV with headbangers ball and stuff was before I was born. I don't know about the American MTV but the Canadian one just gets crappy *** bands and BS reality shows which are all stupid. It's all Life Of Ryan , The Hills, Tila Tequila ... who watches that? At least Much Loud is still decent.

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    You could be right. But even MTV in the 80's and the early 90's wasn't that obsessed with image. Ok, maybe they were with pop stars like Madonna and Prince, but rock wasn't that way. MTV used to be rebellious, something that parents were afraid of. Now it's basically Nickelodeon with reality shows and the occasional rap video.

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    I almost accepted an internship there in the news department. Anyway, yes during the 80s MTV was the sh*t! They really did set a standard for music viewing but today....they should just change their name to the "reality show channel." I'm tired of them showing us rich white suburban teens lives (Life of Ryan, The Hills, Newport Harbor, etc). who cares?!! You know it's a sad day when VH1 plays more videos, LOL.

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    mtv is **** now a days

    they dont play any good music

    AT ALL

    not any good rock

    not any good rap

    but i did love when jackass took over

    Jackass World was the only good thing on there

    they have no kind of sense for anyone to watch

    whoever dose dosent know any kind of music

    wow 50 cent is on

    hes ****

    wow MCR is on

    totally tranny nazi who dosent know if is a girl or not

    kids these dayz dont know the good music from the 80's anymore

    now all we got is the crappy music that makes you want to bleed from your ears

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    Dead Kennedys - MTV Get off the Air

    MTV turned music into an image instead of talent. Punk turned into new wave, heavy metal turned into hair metal, r&b became rap, and pop music became boy bands and teen queens with absolutely no talent.

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    MTV made stars out of people who were "pretty but talentless" Britney Spears would be a waitress if not for MTV...I don't know if it is the worse thing to ever happen but it sure didn't help .

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