Why does nobody want to date black women?

Why is it most people are ok with dating people of other races, yet you see so few white, mexican, hispanic, and chinese men with black women. Is is it because black women aren't feminine enough, are too aggressive or are man-eaters? Even black men seem to date more outside of their race, what's going on?

Would be interested in reading people's thoughts, especially from some black women!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Allot of them are loud and rude,not very feminine.A guy wants to be with a lady not some tough B. with a nasty disposition. It would be nice if more women could be like Hally Berry.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm a black woman and found it no problem dating out of my race I have only dating white men.

    The times are changing and so is the opinion of black women, in the past we were seen as aggressive, unapproachable and unattractive. For ages black women have been fighting these stereo type. Like in every race you have people that are unapproachable, aggressive and unattractive etc.

    I know me and my friends feel that society has made black women feel undesired and the women that are desirable is white there are all over the magazine etc you pick up a mens magazine and the woman on front is white woman. we feel because of that most men fantasy is about white girls this is one of the reasons why black men dating white women

    another reason why you done see a lot black women with other races is because some us feel that we are being use. The only reason they are with us is to see what it is like to date a black woman and be intimate. I have friend who dating an asian man for 5 years she got tried of waiting for him to ask her to get married so she ask, he said No because family wouldn't expect a black in the family. Some feel we wouldn't be expect into the family of other races. So why waste your time if it's never going to get anywhere.

    Black women are just like everyone else we want to be loved and happy and if man from other races see that good it about time

  • 6 years ago

    I live in a northern state and I have only one time seen a white man with a black woman- yet I go to the mall and will lose count of all the white women (usually WT) with black men. I find nothing at all attractive about a black women. Black men know black women best- and it seems to me they'll take anything over a black woman as long as its white. Listen to rap- blacks are always bragging about getting white. "We'll I even get white"- Qtip . There are still some dumbasses on here who think that races are just a difference in the color of skin- now that's ignorance. In one breath they say celebrate diversity and then they say , but we're all exactly the same except for our skin tone. Black women have more testosterone than white women- they even have different species of bacteria in their vaginas than white women-fact- google it. The most racist and greatest eugenecists in the world? Black men. Black women: angry, loud, fat, with large vaginas. Yuck.

  • 4 years ago

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  • 6 years ago

    I'm annoyed by some of the these answers..saying all black women are rude, loud, aggressive, etc is like saying every white woman is Paris Hilton, a mob wife, etc. Women of other racial or ethnic backgrounds are allowed to have range but black women aren't? Don't put us in a box. It takes a special kind of person to put stereotypes and prejudices aside and get to know a woman for who she is personally rather than who she may be based on what you saw on TV or heard some self hating black guy say about women "like" her.

  • 1 decade ago

    My friend is from Burundi and she is the funniest person I've ever met! Everybody is friends with her and lot's of guys like her. But this other girl in grade 8, she's really aggressive and mean to the guys and she never gets any dates! I guess if one person see's that kind of girl, they will automaticly put on a steriotype on black women. Personaly, I think that black people are great! (I'm white:) Guys just jump to conclusions!!

    Source(s): My friends
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There are really only two type of women as there are men and human beings in general. Good and bad it has nothing to do with what color, shape or size they are.

    The guys your talking about probably fell in love with the person their with. That's all.

    I'm seeing alot of comments about black women being aggressive and loud etc. like no one has ever met a loud white, Hispanic or any other type of woman ever. Just quit with the stereotypes .

    If you are talking about preference that's a whole other issue, like maybe the males prefer certain ethnic features which governs their choice of a mate but character, C'mon!

  • Don't know where you live, but around where I live (next to Ft Hood, home to the 2nd CavDiv & 4th InfDiv) you see alot of black women with other races. It's not just Asian women that men find exotic, Black women are exotic to some men as White, Hispanic, Asian men are to them.

    I personally don't see anything wrong with it overall, as long as it's a normal relationship, as much as two people could consider a relationship between them, but even interracial relationships have their share of 'users, abusers and golddiggers' as any other relationships. Black men consider White women exotic so they date them, same as White women consider any man of race to be exotic to them.

    I've dated Asian, Spainish and Black women over the years, enjoyed all my relationships with them overall, currently tho I'm in a relationship with a White woman. Before that it was a lady of Spainish/Italian decent.

  • 5 years ago

    Loud aggressive and masculine that's why no one wants them. Not even black men!!

  • angler
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    1 decade ago

    I've dated several black women and have been looked at badly

    by mainly black guys.Remember years ago going to see the film

    Car Wash with my then black girlfriend in London.When the lights when on at the end we got awful looks and sounds.

  • 1 decade ago

    Im a black guy and i like black girls. However i do find approaching black girls challenging coz they have this protective shell around them which sometimes can come out to be aggressive to guys.

    I understand that they do this to deter unwanted attention, but i think they need to be a bit friendly to guys.

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