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Does Anyone Know Why?

My miniature pinscher had 2 puppies her first time, one had an extra toe on his rear paw...her second litter, she had 5, all have that extra toe in the rear paws..the father is also a min pin..what I'm wondering is, what causes this? Does it affect the value of them? Any info would be helpful & appreciated =)



ok, HEATHRJOY, thx 4 being heartful, but the first 2 pups are still alive, healthy & have all their shots...according to the vet, they're fine..the stud isn't related to the bit*h..there's 4 toes & a "thumb" that i'm considering the "extra toe" & neither parent have that extra part..I've been breeding dogs since I was real young..I love dogs....

Update 2:

And "Pit Bull"...some harsh words from someone who doesn't know me....and wouldn't like to know me =D

Update 3:

I'm now assuming it's the dew claw..the last pup was born at 5 pm, the 9th...which is Sunday..come Monday, I'm taking them to the vet to have them removed, as well as having their tails & ears done, when the time is right..i have up to 9 weeks to do so :)...looks like I have my best answer, but gotta wait for time to fly so I can choose her :)..Thanx for the supportive & helpful answers

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    Are you talking about a rear dew claw which sits up off the ground or do you really mean an extra toe inline with the regular toes?

    Most dewclaws are removed by the vet at the same time that the tails are docked, around the 2nd or third day of life, the vet should have told you this, or are you not having the tails docked?

    If I were buying a min pin with rear dew claws and long tails, then Yes, I would ask for a lower price because I would have to have this done by my own vet and since it would have to be done at an older age, it would be quite an expensive procedure so yes, you should be discounting these pups.

    I also think that one of two things should be happening with the dam of your pups. Either you need to educate yourself completely before ever breeding two dogs together just to profit without trying to improve the breed, otherwise you are doing a dis-service to the breed itself by breeding lower quality min pins, or else just have the dam spayed and call it done, especially if she isn't from show stock.

    I'm not saying that show stock dogs are more lovable but at least show breeders keep the standard for their breed as close to what it should be and they usually try to breed for optimum health and they know what is in their past bloodlines.

    EDIT: and NO you do NOT want to whack off the dewclaws your own self at this late stage as some IDIOT STATED! YES, the pups DO FEEL IT and you could give them massive infections!!! DO NOT DO THAT!!!

    Source(s): 40 years in dogs
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    Sounds like the puppies have rear dew claws. This is not at all uncommon, but most breeders remove them within the first few days of birth. If you leave them, they look a little funny and some dogs have problems with them tearing off when they run through the snow or they'll snag them on a blanket or something. So, it's usually better when the breeders remove them early.

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    Yes sounds like due claws, I have seen two and three dew claws on rottweiler pups. If that is what it is the vet will remove them, this is a common procedure. This is done as the dew claws can be ripped off fairly easy, not just for looks.


    All dogs are mutants, mutant wolves

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    Oh, this isn't good. Please stop breeding the dogs unless YOU know why. After the first litter showed problems there shouldn't have been a second litter.

    Now, this proves my point that a lot of folks don't often believe. If you don't know what you're doing when you breed dogs you can end up with mutants...dogs with extra toes, no eyes, no feet, etc.

    I sure hope you can find homes for these poor babies. Please, please, please offer them only on a limited registration so that they cannot be bred. If they are bred their puppies will only be worse off. You really don't want to be responsible for creating living beings that just hurt or suffer. The extra toes are something you can see on the outside, but what about the inside, the things you can't see until it's too late?

    Please reconsider what you're doing. Good luck with the little ones.

    Source(s): I loved my poorly bred Sheltie with all of my heart. It completely broke my heart when she suffered and died from a tumor when she was only 2 yrs old.
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    Are you talking about the dew claw or a sixth claw?

  • Malformations can be caused by inbreeding. Also, if the stud has any malformations,(but is not related) he could have passed them on to the pups.

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    Not alot of ppl will want deformed puppies.. or puppies with extra anythings.

    Its probably because the ***** is related to the male.

    Please desex the ***** as these odd puppies cant keep happening.


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    Uh, do you mean dew claws?

    WHY the heck did you breed dogs? That's like Michael Jackson working at Disney Land...it's a bad idea, and you'd be dumb to do it...

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    caused by intensive inbreeding to make them miniature

    value wise i haven't got a clue

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    Those are call (Due Claws) it is just a fifty fifty chance in getting them, we have a kennel, we clip them off with scissors, it will bleed, but it doesnt hurt the dog

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