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Listen to the dialogue titled “Customs in Business from around the World” and answer these

comprehension questions.

___1. what countries do not give knives as gifts?

a.Mexico and Nicaragua

b.Venezuela and Costa Rica

c.Colombia and El Salvador

d.Costa Rica and Mexico

第1題是不是 d

___2. why should you shake a person’s hand gently in Thailand?

a.You could break his or her hands.

b.Your hands may not be clean.

c.It’s a sign of respect and friendship.

d.It’s a sign that you are in love, although the both of you aren’t sure yet.

第2題是不是 c

___3. according to the dialogue, what are some things that Jordan and Saudi Arabia have in


a.they are both Muslim countries with a lot of oil.

b.They are both very private countries.

c.They are both Muslim and they celebrate the holy month of Ramadan.

d.They think that bribes are an accepted part of life in the Middle East.

___4. A “bribe” is:

a.a gift that you return to the person

b.a gift that is given to someone to get a favor in return

c.a gift that is expected when doing business in Jordan

d.none of the above

___5. Which customs did Grace find interesting in her last stop? a gift in private

b.burning gifts in the office a watch, instead of a clock

d.none of the above




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    第1題是 d

    第2題是 c

    第3題是 c

    第4題是 c

    第5題是 c,第5題絕對不會是 a


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