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可以幫我翻成英文嗎? 拜託了~~急

紐約中央車站(Grand Central Station)是世界上最大的火車站,也是全世界最大的公共空間,列車500個班次列車進出五六十萬人出入使用,更使它成為世界最繁忙的建築空間。





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  • 1 decade ago
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    The Grand Central Terminal is the world’s biggest train station, and is also the world’s largest public space. 500 trains arrive and depart each day. Fifty, sixty thousands of passengers are using the Grand Central Terminal everyday.

    Grand Central Terminal is one of the New York City’s important landmarks. Even though it’s old, it was still an important trademark in New York history, made lots of travelers to visit the station.

    The opening of the Grand Central Terminal made the traffic of New York easier and quicker. The beautiful and splendid terminal made tourists to enjoy. It made the memory part of the America’s culture.

    Source(s): Me, from New York.
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