What is the annual human food consumption in relation to our weight?

Hello I m writing a report regarding the white grouper which consumes 4 times her body weight in food annualy, and I would like to add this comparisson.

Thank you

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    The average person eats almost 1500 pounds of food a Year! On average, that can be thought of as 150 pounds of meat, 290 pounds of milk and cream, 35 pounds of eggs, 48 pounds of chicken, 68 pounds of bread, 125 pounds of potatoes, and 80 pounds of fruit.

    average American male is 190lbs

    1500 / 190 = 7.9

    so the average American male easts 7.9 times his body weight each year

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    Average Food Consumption

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    That's kind of hard to do, because foodstuffs vary greatly in their caloric value; the answer depends a lot on what particular things people eat.  On top of this you have widely varying food consumption.

    If you want to talk simple foodstuffs like corn, a bushel of corn (56 lbs) will supposedly feed an average person for a month (calories, not vitamins or complete protein).  This comes to 672 pounds/year, which is roughly 4 times the average person's 160 lb weight.  If someone ate mostly vegetables the weight of food would go up a lot (largely water), if they ate high-calorie stuff like steak it might be lower.

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