Difference between pre-k,kindergarden and pre-school. what is k-12?

I took kindergarden and pre-school in another country so I'am confused . Here in the States , I think it's different .

I also want to know if there are other names for pre-k? are there a lot of available jobs in early childhood edu major in special education?


so pre-school and pre-k are basically the same?

The school I went to offers it this way


pre-school (3 yrs)

then grade school

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    K-12 is what they call the entire county school system here in NC, from age 5 through senior year in high school.

    I've heard pre-k called nursery school, preschool, or k-4. It's the class many kids go to in the year (or sometimes 2, if there's a 3-year-old program) before they start kindergarten. Kindergarten is usually the child's first year in regular school. Sometimes it's a half-day class, either a few hours in the morning or a few hours in the afternoon. The pre-k my older son went to was full-day, and both my older 2 went to full-day kindergarten.

    I hope that clears it up a bit for you!

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    K-12: Kindergarten thru 12th grade.

    Preschool can be like Pre-K.

    Kindergarten is the actual grade that a child starts to begin the actual education.

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    Pre-k is to get your prepared for the real kindergarden. I really never got why you had to go to pre-k, but look I turned out fine.

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