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Rate my team:?

10 team Roto, standard 5x5 cats

C- Russell Martin

1B- Prince Fielder

2B- BJ Upton

3B- Miguel Cabrera

SS- Orlando Carbera

CI- Carlos Pena

MI- Orlando Hudson

OF- Curtis Granderson

OF- Torii Hunter

OF- Hideki Matsui

OF- Pat Burell

OF- Micheal Bourn

UT- Gary Mathews Jr.

BN- Joey Votto

P- Josh Beckett

P- Roy Oswalt

P- Tim Lincecum

P- Yovani Gallardo

P- Rich Hill

P- Brad Lidge

P- Chad Billingsley

P- Jeremy Accardo

P- Hideki Okajima

BN- Pedro Martinez

BN- Phil Hughes

I know that my relief pitching stinks. Any comments other than that?

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    This is a good team, and I'd give it an 8.5/10.

    C - Martin is great, and he's the only catcher who can get you steals.

    1B - Fielder is a powerhouse and should hit 50+ homeruns this year.

    2B - Upton is an amazing 30/30 threat at a weak position.

    SS - Cabrera is solid.

    3B - Cabrera will thrive in a potent Tigers lineup.

    OF - Granderson and Hunter are two great power/speed combos. Matsui is solid, and Burrell has power potential. Bourn is a super sleeper for steals.

    Util - I'm not a fan of Gary Mathews Jr.

    Bench - Votto is a big sleeper.

    SP - Beckett is an ace and Oswalt is consistently good. Lincecum, Hill, Billingsley, and Gallardo are four great, young pitchers who are great for K's. Pedro is an injury-risk, but he's still solid. Hughes is a sleeper.

    RP - Accardo has the closing job, but he'll probably lose it to Ryan. Lidge is out 3-6 weeks and is inconsistent. Okajima can lower your ERA and WHIP.

    My only suggestions would be to get another closer and to get rid of Matthews Jr. See if someone is willing to overpay for Pena because there's no way he repeats last year's stats.

    Hope I helped!

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    Pros: Your starting pitching is superb. You have a lot of rising talent and Wins, ERA and WHIP will be at the top of your league.

    Cons: Matsui,Burell, Bourne and Mathews just won't get it done for a 10 team league.

    Look at picking up Jay Bruce, Colby Rausmas or any rookie that could at least make an impact by mid season.

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    u got pretty good speed with granderson,matthews jr,and hudson and a strong hr team but youll probally have a bunch of k's by pena and burrell oter than that preety ggoooodd

    RATE-3 1/2

  • 1 decade ago

    strong HR and RBI probably horrible BA and SB why is Martinez on the bench, your pitching is weak and he is coming back

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