why were John and Peter the closest disciple of Jesus?

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    I agree with the Judas statement, you know, pre-betrayal.

    Peter and John were the closest in my reading of the word because Peter and John seemed to understand Jesus the best. Peter was the first to get that he was God, the Messiah. John got it best that he was about Love. Peter and John also were willing to go the furthest for the kingdom. Peter was the first preacher to the lost, see the book of Acts, John stayed by the cross and continued to preach the longest.

    They were also allowed to see the transfiguration of Jesus before the cross. I don't know if closest is the best terminology, but they were certainly given more responsibility than the rest. They also suffered greatly as well.

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    Jesus Closest Disciples

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    why were John and Peter the closest disciple of Jesus?

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    Those two disciples were to be entrusted with more responsibility than the others. John would be entrusted with taking care of Mary, Jesus's mother and live the longest by which he was given the revelation that he wrote as the book of the Revelation. Peter would be the apostle to the Gentiles which means he was used to spread the Gospel to the non- Jews which are the majority of people around.

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    The reference is assumed to be John--who was made to be the narrator of the Gospel but was not the author of the Gospel of John. The Gospel of John was possibly written by folks from the lineage of John. I once read notes of a certain Bible scholar (I can't remember his name) who believed that the Gospel of John was actually a gospel from the Magdalinean lineage and that, for various politically correct reasons, the narrator of the gospel was made to be the disciple John, not Mary. The Gospel of John is considered to contain content that is more similar to Gnostic texts than the other gospels. Although Mary Magdaline figures prominently in some Gnostic texts, the whole lore about her being the wife of Christ and all is speculation, popularized by a fictional work known as the DaVinci Code. It is likely that the Gnostic writers were expressing ideas in a figurative, metaphorical, symbolic, and mystical way, not an historical way. Although presented as history, the standard gospels are probably relate legend not history.

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    I believe that is correct John and Peter were the closest to Jesus. I think there is a third person, but I can't remember his name.

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    John the Baptist was the first to recognize him as the messiah and the Son of God.

    But of the disciples, Peter was given the keys to the church as a leader.

    John Zebedee took care of his Mother after he Died.

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    Wasn't Judas the closest to Jesus.

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    They were among the first to follow Him, and Jesus knew all their hearts so maybe they were more sincere, even though they were weak when the soldiers came for Jesus...they all scattered remember...

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    Everyone knows Jesus plays favorites.

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