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top of the line sewing machine brands?

what are the most high end sewing machines, sergers, and embroidary machine, an embroidary machine that lets you design the design on the screen. i am in 8th grade and want to be a fashion designer. i looked at babylock, brother and pfaff. no singer for me, ewe. it seems that since brother is sold in like ever store its kinda cheap, so i dont know about that but i found this demo.

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is it better to have a sewing machine, seger and embroidary machine or a sewing/embroidary machine and serger? for fashion school? is baby lock the best or is pfaff or is brother. i want a fancy looking machine, all 3 brands are fancy looking to me i love all 3 looks. my b day is coming..

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    The brands of sewing machine I prefer for stitch quality and engineering are Bernina, Pfaff, Viking, Elna and Juki. I've also heard good things about Toyota, but haven't sewn on one. For sergers I have a strong preference for Juki. I don't do machine embroidery.

    Suggested reading for you, probably available at your local public library:

    Carol Ahles: Fine Machine Sewing

    Read the first few chapters at least on the interactions of fabric, needle and thread, and the last chapters on buying a machine. Good, solid stuff.

    Source(s): 45+ years of machine sewing
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    Be careful of Brother. They have some nice features but my experience is that they can have a bunch of service issues. Babylock has a better service record and can give you more bang for the buck that can Bernina. Bernina is a wonderful machine but you must pay much more for features you would get at lower prices in Babylock and Viking. Some people do like having a separate sewing and embroidery machine so that they can keep on sewing pieces together while the embroidery machine is doing its thing, but the Babylock Esante would give you both features in one machine for a lower starting price. Sergers are great but would be second to paying for a solid, good sewing and/or embroidery machine. Sergers can be more tricky to use. Make sure to take the lessons on how to use whichever brand you buy. I lean toward the Babylock Imagine as it is very dependable, and very easy to use. The threading is quick (air threaded) and does not have to be done in a specific order, as in other brands, yet does everything you would want or need. There are no tension discs so a person can use any type of thread with it and you don't have to change settings, unless you want to, everytime you put in a different type of fabric.

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  • Pfaff has a large selection of machines; links are in source. Check these are for every type of sewing that you have in mind. I wish I had one or two -- including a serger, and a large selection of 4D software. Also right now there is a deal to buy and get a gift shopping spree. With that you might get everything you want for your FDIM.

    I've used Sears brand machines for years, and have never been disappointed. I've made everything from quilts to bathing suits, stuffed toys, doll clothes, men's fitted placket knit shirts.

    I learned on a Singer, and have used them when at my mom's house with absolutely no problems.

    Don't go for any of the new plastic type machines if you are going to do heavy duty sewing, and if you need the machine to last for years and years. Generally they do anyway, but the plastic ones I question.

    Do a google search "sewing machines" and take a look at the commercial grade machines for additional information. They also have used machines for sale, and if your budget is tight you might try with one of these until you get to know the systems you like.

    I've never used a Babylock or Brother machine.

    Best of Luck!

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