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Was Henry Kissinger right that "military men are dumb animals to be sacrificed for foreign policy goals"?

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    lol... not nice, but true....

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    I recall hearing somewhere that Hitler had an equally low opinion of his military also. Capitalism "needs" to expand: without expansion there are no increased profit margins or increased dividends (ergo share ownership actually drives countries to war with each other. I'm sorry for anyone who cannot see that.) Military personnel are the people to be slaughtered when capitalism needs regenerating, as warfare both creates work and the room for population expansion! The powers-that-be have in place such laws as to ensure that they always benefit; no matter what happens. It is we humans who suffer. There was a time when I also believed that if I worked hard I could be rich. Surely intellectual wealth is far better than financial wealth. Now I know enough to not care about wealth at all.

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    What the hell did Henry Kissinger ever contribute to society besides hot air. The men and women who serve in the military have protected this country for over 200 years and deserve a certain amount of respect. Mr. Kissinger has earned no respect for anything other than being a boot licking "yes" man to Nixon, who was a dishounered crimanal.

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    I personally would take the intelligence, integrity, and common sense of almost every "dumb animal" who served in the military over Henry Kissinger any day.

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    You do understand that in most cultures that those "dumb animals" do end up leading the "smart" people. Most of the founding fathers were military men and most Presidents to this day are former military. Most Royals had to serve in their Army.

    Sacrifice is considered a virtue in people that are not selfish. Some people are jealous of because they are not willing to sacrifice for anything or anyone and thus are not respected by their community.

    Everyone has to pay their dues to have be respected and have influence on their communitry in most cultures. No one wants to be led by someone ignorant about war and the outside world or to send troops into battle with out knowing the horrors of war themselves.

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    Not sure, but I know that Kissinger was over rated as a statesman. Nothing he was involved with stood the test of time. He was Nixon's sheep dog.

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    You asked this exact question earlier today. Why did you re-post? Were you not getting the kind of answers you were expecting?

    Let me reiterate from my post in your original question:

    "Kissinger, for all that he's indubitably brilliant, was, and is, also an elitist ivory-tower prick."

    It's really too bad he ever made it out of obscurity. He caused a HUGE amount of diplomatic damage to the United States.

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    Absolutely not.

    The men and women who join the military are not "dumb animals" they are brave, patriotic, strong heroes. These are the people who march up in Iraq everyday and keep the great country of America democratic. If not for our democracy, we would be so censored, that the agreeable commentators would be executed or imprisoned. Because of our military being in Iraq, they had their first democratic election.

    Yes, there are bad solders as there are bad people, but that is no reason to judge them collectively.

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    Back in his days that would have been a big YES! But with all the new technology in the military now a days the casualty rate is much lower compared to back in Kissinger's days.

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    Not at all. I served my twenty and retired while the majority of my high school class will still be working into their 50's and 60's. I'm still alive, still on my first marriage, and have two great kids.

    I chose the better investment.

    Source(s): SFC, Retired U.S. Army, 18th Airborne
  • He wasn't right, he may have been accurate (except for the dumb animals part).

    If president's met on the dueling range, think of how many lives would be saved!

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