what is standard proctor test?

in other sayin, standard compaction test.

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    The Proctor compaction test and the related modified Proctor compaction test, named for engineer R. R. Proctor, -are tests to determine the maximum practically-achievable density of soils and aggregates, and are frequently used in geotechnical engineering.

    The test consists of compacting the soil or aggregate to be tested into a standard mold using a standardized compactive energy at several different levels of moisture content. The maximum dry density and optimum moisture content is determined from the results of the test.

    Soil in place is tested for in-place dry bulk density, and the result is divided by the maximum dry density to obtain a relative compaction for the soil in place.

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    Proctor Test Definition

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    how to calculate % of soil of water to be added in modified proctor test?

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