Can't Find Sprinkler Controller?

My husband and I purchased our first home in 2001. We've noticed automatic sprinkler heads in the front lawn since we've moved in. Our neighbor confirmed there's a sprinkler system installed because he and the original owner moved in at the same time & were good friends. Today we found a sprinkler control box just inside the fence in our side yard. It's a Rain King irrigation control box. The problem is that in 7 years of living here we've never found a Sprinkler Controller. We'd assumed it would be in the garage somewhere. How hard is it to get one installed since we know nothing about this system?


The house was built in 1983. Would you consider that a newer install?

Update 2:

Nevermind that was a stupid question since it was 25 years ago. :) I guess I'm stuck in the 80s!

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    contact a local irrigation company to have them replace it wit an electric controller and to check the system to see if you need new parts for the valves and heads or maybe they can supply you with a rain king radio for the system, because if it is a newer system it might be wireless, regarless of what it is always call a proffessional contractor

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  • Brian
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    1 decade ago

    If it's a newer system it might be radio controlled. The controller is wireless and it's possible that the former residents took it with them by mistake. I'd suggest checking with a local irrigation installer (if you can find out who did the work they would be the best option) and see what they have to say.

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  • 3 years ago

    earlier you wrote it i became into thinking the Toro isn't rated for outdoors purposes. maximum living house timers are meant to be put in in a storage, porch or basement. i'm afraid your going to could desire to flow with a commercial unit, and that they're going to fee greater desirable than $50. maximum commercial purposes will use that, or often times you could set up an indoor unit in a weatherproof field. So thats an determination. Is there any way you may get the line interior someplace, possibly splice into it and run it to a storage? Thats your purely option to maintain your expenses down. Then flow with a Toro or Rainbird timer they are the main solid.

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