Will 'Shooter's Choice Bore Cleaner' hurt Blued finish?

I bought a Cz-52 not too long ago, and I'm been shooting those Romanian 7.62x25 corrosive rounds.

Those ammo are perfect for plinking fun, but....it's corrosive

I usually use 'Shooter's Choice Bore Cleaner' to clean all the gun parts, but I'm still not sure if the solvent will hurt the gun's finish or not...

Can any one tell me if the 'Shooter's Choice' is a good solution to clean my barrel? and will the solvent hurt the blued finish on my Cz-52?

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    Shooter's Choice Bore Cleaner is fine for use inside the bore & chamber.

    Spilling some Shooter's Choice onto the bluing or other type of finish shouldn't be a big deal. Just wipe it off.

    Shooter's Choice bore cleaner isn't a lubricant or a preservative. So after using it, a person should wipe or swab the surfaces of their firearm to remove all traces of it before they apply a lubricant (such as BreakFree-CLP).

    I haven't had problems with using Shooter's Choice bore cleaner.

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    I also enjoy my CZ 52 and Tokarov TT 33, but

    the corrosive part of cleaning is best done with a water-based cleaner PLUS a go with CLP or Hoppes afterwords.

    The finish on your weapon should not be harmed.

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    I've never hear of bore cleaner hurting a blue finish, but bore cleaner with metal solvent will destroy nickel finish.


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    Does not sound like it, the manufacturer warns about getting it on plastics, and stock finnishes.

    I use Break-Free, and Hoppe's Elite myself

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