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what color eye make up to bring out blue/green/gray eyes? [they change colors]?

my eyes change colors


what are the best colors for eyeliners and eyeshadows to use???

they switch between

hazel [green with a little bit of brownish yellowish]




dark blue-gray




sorry i know its a lot of colors it runs in the family :]


please nothing really really really bright

something i can wear to school

also something under 30 dollars

i am not going to spend all my money one one thing lol

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    Use golds and bronzes. Surprisingly, orange/red makes blue eyes pop because its the opposite of blue/green on the color wheel. Those are both pretty harsh colors though, so just try suttler versions of the colors (peaches, golds, deepreds, etc).

    You could try MAC or L'oreals HIP for those colors, all are under $30.

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    I have green/gray eyes, and to bring out the green wear violet shadow. You want the closest thing to the complimentary color of green, which would be red. Since red eyeshadow is not attractive, the color with the most red is violet. It makes the green in your eyes more obvious. Even a little violet shadow smudged along the outer corners, upper and lower along the lashes will really bring out the green!

  • okay i have the same problem as you, except mine go between blue, and teal. try some brighter blues, the HIP(high intensity pigments) are really nice, you can get them in lighter and darker colors. Greens really bring out the color in you eyes, so look for a jewel tone green. Most of HIP stuff run around the 5-8$ mark so it's not really expensive but if you buy alot it can get expensive. another suggestion Is get the Maybelline Shadow stylist, in the blue, and get a shadow brush and rub it in (because it's really bright if you don't) and get some Revlon lucsious lenghts mascara, or the XXL curl power by maybelline.

    hope this helps.

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    I have the same color eyes, and I wear whatever color I feel like when I'm doing my makeup. I like all colors, and don't think any particular color looks bad, but browns definitely play up the blue in your eyes. I have many brown shades, along with taupe, golds, tans, they all work really well at bringing out the blue in your eyes.

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    My eyes change blue/green/grey too!!

    What i do for school is use a tiny bit of dark blue/green eyeliner just to make my lashes stand out and very pale blue/green/grey eye shadow just to make the colour brighter. I'd also suggest using a white eyeliner pencil along the bit under your eye to open it up..


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    I was just reading Sugar magazine a while ago and it said for blue/grey eyes chose light, bright shades to highlight your eyes. Try Rimmel London Colour Rush Mono eyeshadow in azure.

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    Choclate Brown

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    a smokey look

    or just simply a nice bold black liquid eyeliner on top and thick pencil eyeliner on bottom it will make your eyes look amazing very very black mascara and an eyelash curler :)

    (the first one is a bit intense you can tone it down a little)

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    Anything maute. Brown is fine with any eye color and it always looks classy. Try Covergirl- they have tons of browns. Also, you would probably want to goto Target to buy them because they always have a good selection.

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    My eyes switch colors too! Happy you asked, a light pink or just go for light blues and natural colors(beige,light brown,ect...)

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