Does anyone have a working Action Replay code for infinite Heart Scales on Pokemon Emerald?

Best answer to whoever can supply me with a working cheat code, (and I will test it before I give you best answer).

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    You can also get infinite heart scales by stealing them from

    wild luvdisc using attacks such as thief or covet.

    You can find luvdisc at the Evergranade City using a

    Super Rod.

    Well I am giving you required codes.These are for ARv3.

    Master code:



    Master Code should be active all time for the codes to work.




    Anti-DMA needs to be activated to use the codes.To activate

    anti-DMA you will have to enter a Building(eg. Pokemon

    Center,Poke Mart or any house).

    To get 999 heart scales in the 20th slot of PC, enter the

    following code.


    I am 100% sure that above codes will work.Happy cheating!

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    For the best answers, search on this site

    94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 E0000644 00000294 03E30044 03E30045 03E30046 03E30047 03E30048 03E30049 03E3004A 03E3004B 03E3004C 03E3004D 03E3004E 03E3004F 03E30050 03E30051 03E30052 03E30053 03E30054 03E30055 03E30056 03E30057 03E30058 03E30059 03E3005A 03E3005B 03E3005C 03E3005D 03E3005E 03E3005F 03E30060 03E30061 03E30062 03E30063 03E30064 03E30065 03E30066 03E30067 03E30068 03E30069 03E3006A 03E3006B 03E3006C 03E3006D 03E3006E 03E3006F 03E30070 03E30087 03E30088 03E300D5 03E300D6 03E300D7 03E300D8 03E300D9 03E300DA 03E300DB 03E300DC 03E300DD 03E300DE 03E300DF 03E300E0 03E300E1 03E300E2 03E300E3 03E300E4 03E300E5 03E300E6 03E300E7 03E300E8 03E300E9 03E300EA 03E300EB 03E300EC 03E300ED 03E300EE 03E300EF 03E300F0 03E300F1 03E300F2 03E300F3 03E300F4 03E300F5 03E300F6 03E300F7 03E300F8 03E300F9 03E300FA 03E300FB 03E300FC 03E300FD 03E300FE 03E300FF 03E30100 03E30101 03E30102 03E30103 03E30104 03E30105 03E30106 03E30107 03E30108 03E30109 03E3010A 03E3010B 03E3010C 03E3010D 03E3010E 03E3010F 03E30110 03E30111 03E30112 03E30113 03E30114 03E30115 03E30116 03E30117 03E30118 03E30119 03E3011A 03E3011B 03E3011C 03E3011D 03E3011E 03E3011F 03E30120 03E30121 03E30122 03E30123 03E30124 03E30125 03E30126 03E30127 03E30128 03E30129 03E3012A 03E3012B 03E3012C 03E3012D 03E3012E 03E3012F 03E30130 03E30131 03E30132 03E30133 03E30134 03E30135 03E30136 03E30137 03E30138 03E30139 03E3013A 03E3013B 03E3013C 03E3013D 03E3013E 03E3013F 03E30140 03E30141 03E30142 03E30143 03E30144 03E30145 03E30146 03E30147 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 E0000B60 000000A0 03E30011 03E30017 03E30018 03E30019 03E3001A 03E3001E 03E3001F 03E30020 03E30021 03E30022 03E30023 03E3002B 03E3002C 03E30026 03E30027 03E30028 03E30029 03E30012 03E30013 03E30014 03E30015 03E30016 03E3001B 03E30024 03E3002A 03E3001C 03E3001D 03E30025 03E3002D 03E3002E 03E3002F 03E30030 03E30031 03E30032 03E30033 03E30034 03E30035 03E30036 00000000 00000000 E0000D00 0000003C 03E30001 03E30002 03E30003 03E30004 03E30006 03E30007 03E30008 03E30009 03E3000A 03E3000B 03E3000C 03E3000D 03E3000E 03E3000F 03E30010 00000000 E00009A0 00000190 03E30148 03E30149 03E3014A 03E3014B 03E3014C 03E3014D 03E3014E 03E3014F 03E30150 03E30151 03E30152 03E30153 03E30154 03E30155 03E30156 03E30157 03E30158 03E30159 03E3015A 03E3015B 03E3015C 03E3015D 03E3015E 03E3015F 03E30160 03E30161 03E30162 03E30163 03E30164 03E30165 03E30166 03E30167 03E30168 03E30169 03E3016A 03E3016B 03E3016C 03E3016D 03E3016E 03E3016F 03E30170 03E30171 03E30172 03E30173 03E30174 03E30175 03E30176 03E30177 03E30178 03E30179 03E3017A 03E3017B 03E3017C 03E3017D 03E3017E 03E3017F 03E30180 03E30181 03E30182 03E30183 03E30184 03E30185 03E30186 03E30187 03E30188 03E30189 03E3018A 03E3018B 03E3018C 03E3018D 03E3018E 03E3018F 03E30190 03E30191 03E30192 03E30193 03E30194 03E30195 03E30196 03E30197 03E30198 03E30199 03E3019A 03E3019B 03E3019C 03E3019D 03E3019E 03E3019F 03E301A0 03E301A1 03E301A2 03E301A3 03E301A4 03E301A5 03E301A6 03E301A7 03E301A8 03E301A9 03E301AA 03E301AB E0000C00 00000100 03E30095 03E30096 03E30097 03E30098 03E30099 03E3009A 03E3009B 03E3009C 03E3009D 03E3009E 03E3009F 03E300A0 03E300A1 03E300A2 03E300A3 03E300A4 03E300A5 03E300A6 03E300A7 03E300A8 03E300A9 03E300AA 03E300AB 03E300AC 03E300AD 03E300AE 03E300AF 03E300B0 03E300B1 03E300B2 03E300B3 03E300B4 03E300B5 03E300B6 03E300B7 03E300B8 03E300B9 03E300BA 03E300BB 03E300BC 03E300BD 03E300BE 03E300BF 03E300C0 03E300C1 03E300C2 03E300C3 03E300C4 03E300C5 03E300C6 03E300C7 03E300C8 03E300C9 03E300CA 03E300CB 03E300CC 03E300CD 03E300CE 03E300CF 03E300D0 03E300D1 03E300D2 03E300D3 03E300D4 E0000B30 00000030 03E30089 03E3008A 03E3008B 03E3008C 03E3008D 03E3008E 03E3008F 03E30090 03E30091 03E30092 03E30093 03E30094 E0000D3C 00000034 03E30037 03E30038 03E30039 03E3003A 03E3003B 03E3003C 03E3003D 03E3003E 03E3003F 03E30040 03E30041 03E30042 03E30043 00000000 E00008D8 000000C8 000101AC 000101AD 000101AE 000101AF 000101B0 000101B1 000101B2 000101B3 000101B4 000101B5 000101B6 000101B7 000101B8 000101B9 000101BA 000101BB 000101BC 000101BD 000101BE 000101BF 000101C0 000101C1 000101C2 000101C3 000101C4 000101C5 000101C6 000101C7 000101C8 000101C9 000101CA 000101CB 000101CC 000101CD 000101CE 000101CF 000101D0 000101D1 000101D2 000101D3 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 D2000000 00000000 L+R to activate

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