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Is it better to start a career in Procter and Gamble or a top management consulting company?

I am looking for a 2/3 years job where I can learn a lot, make strong experience and build a very good resume.

My target is to be accepted in one of the top 5 MBA programs in 2/3 years.

Currently I have an offer in Procter and Gamble (engineering) but I was considering to apply for a top management consulting company as well.

What do you think?

Thank you


I have been already offered a job at a management consulting company

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    P&G Typically hires from within, and usually only hires people from the outside that already possess a MBA. Most company's look for someone with longevity, not someone hopping from job to job every 2 - 3 years. It's uncommon to make a big name for yourself in only 2 years. These things take a time and dedication. Good luck.

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    If you can gain employment in a top MC firm - that would be preferable. The top firms are McKinsey, Bain & Boston Consulting.

    Be aware - getting into these firms is very difficult. They look for an Ivy (or Top 10) undergrad and exceptionally high marks. And that is just to get an interview.

    You can apply on-line at all of them.

    You can find additional info at

    Good luck to you.

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