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i had a stomach?

i had my belly button pirced 2 years ago at a tattooing even at a hotel tattoo show, with a local area tatto shop, they had me laid down on two table like chair, because they didnt bring there equiment with them, ,i had it for two weeks and it startiing coming out thew the skin, and fell out!!! called the tatto place that did it and they said that she had to wait for six months it took a long time to get fully closed , and i have a scar there too from it, and the skin is thick , i lost a lot of weight , do you think i could have it redone with out a problem?

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    sounds like they didnt pierce it right the first time , i would make sure nothing was compromised from that time and go where everything is sterile and professional and you should be fine, just make sure when you get it again you pay close attention to taking care of it till it heels and you should be golden ...later

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