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I need to now who do you like in music?

Who do you like more Chris Brown,Hannah Montana or Usher and why do you like them .PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Chris Brown, he's hotter and has better music.

    Hannah Montana is too childish.

    Usher is too whiney.

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    cHrIs BrOwN

    he is a way better singer than Hannah Montana and Usher.

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    Usher is the best of them all. His voice is clear, nicely projected and everything. He's coming out with a cd soon adn im gonna buy it. He's also very cute :)

    Next is Chris Brown.He's really hot in the music eye now. He just came out with a new cd and he's really cute!! my mom even bought his cd :)

    Im not a big fan of hannah montana at all!!! her voice is all raspy and shes not very pretty! :(

    hope i helped!! :)

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    That's a tough one.

    i would prolly have to say CB baby!!!

    hannah montana is soo GAY!!

    she makes me want to puch myself in the face.

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