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What makes a P90 a SUB-MACHINE GUN?

I'm having this argument with my friend, and he only says "it just isn't".


because guns are amazing, not that it shoots metal that kills, just the shape and mechanics of it.

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    The P-90 fires the 5.7x28mm ammunition, a small caliber cartridge for pistols, submachine guns/personal defense weapons and carbines.

    A submachine gun is a firearm that combines the automatic fire of a machine gun with the cartridge of a pistol, and is usually between the two in weight and size.

    Ergo, the P-90 is by definition a submachine gun.


    CHECKSIXX, love your wrong answer, too... If you were actually correct, the M-14 and M-16 would be submachine guns, too. They're not, and you're not correct.

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    The P90 is a 5.7 mm submachine gun of Belgian design developed between 1986-1987 by Stéphane Ferrard at Fabrique Nationale de Herstal.

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    yet another poster asked what the 5.7 around does that the .220 speedy does not already do. i'm vulnerable to agree. definite, the P90 and PS90 (the semi, identify a million carbine version criminal for civvies) are rather trouble-free to field strip, yet i'm not enamored of their magazine nor of the ergonomics. on account that i've got merely fired one a whopping entire of four circumstances, and it worked right, i in my view have not have been given any stable archives different than that is totally controllable in draw back and totally comprehend how a handgun in this high quality would want for use interior the pistol/pdw combination. i'm merely not inspired with the time-honored. especially after the ft. Hood taking photographs. not because of the fact it became into used to kill US infantrymen by utilising a psychotic madman, yet because of the fact (and that i comprehend this seems undesirable, yet undergo in recommendations, i'm speaking a pair of cartridge i might carry for cover) it became into insufficiently deadly and/or incapacitating. In different words, it did not do what it became into meant to correctly sufficient. And that would desire to make me draw back from any such cartridge and any platform which fires it.

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    If it is a fully auto rifle or carbine using a pistol cartridge like the 9mm Luger, or .45 ACP, then it is classified as a sub machine gun. True machine guns, fires a rifle cartridge.

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    A firearm is classified as a sub-machine gun if it uses pistol rounds instead of rifle rounds.

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    Mark T. is correct. It is all in the caliber/type of round the weapon fires.

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    Love all the wrong answers here....

    A submachine gun is usually pistol caliber, but what classifies it as one is the fact that it is select fire. Thats it.

    Source(s): Personal experience, H&K armorer
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    because of its ably to shoot several rounds with the pull of the trigger one time.

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    y do u talk about guns anyway

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