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Electric Car?

I'm really getting tired to pay gas for my car. I heard the gas price will go upto $4.5 by summer 2008. I really can't afford that.

So I'm looking to buy an electric car. Is there any electric car in the US. I don't know where to find any.

I know they have them in Japan, parts of Europe, India.

Any help please.

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    Hey Zak,

    Unfortunately, there are no fully electric vehicles w/ similar performance to conventional automobiles that sell for similar prices to convential automobiles. Many feel this is because of anticompetitive behavoir on the part of the automotive industry (watch "Who Killed the Electric Car" for more info).

    That said, there are some options out there if you are willing to either spend allot, or get something that doesn't provide conventional performance. Examples are:

    Zap Cars (these guys have cars which are "in development", they do have an interesting scoot option)

    Tesla motors (v. expensive ~80K, but v. nice electric vehicles)

    NmG (one seater, don't know cost but I think it is <25K)

    Find out more at

    If you are interested, you may want to think about making something for yourself. Converting an existing car can be done for between 8-25K depending on the kind of performance you want.

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    Electrical or Hybrid cars are currently extremely expensive to buy. And there are no published figures showing its true operating costs over a period of time.

    All the information provided so far is purely conjecture.

    There are currently some models of hybrids available. I believe Volkswagen is one such manufacturer.

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    Think of a used Volkswagen Diesel. They manage to receive 40 Miles Per Gallon and last forever due to the fact that diesel burns cleaner.

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