Anyone here purchased a firearm online?

Curious if anyone has ever purchased a firearm online, if so what website? What process do you have to go through? I'm a little confused on the whole get your FFL dealer to fax their license with your name on it to the website. Any help is appreciated.

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    I have purchased several weapons from

    What you need to do is contact a local a FFL in your area (most any gun store), give them the info that you have... they will fax a copy of their license. No big deal... they do it all the time... then the weapon gets shipped to the FFL which is where you pick it up, and sign for it... there is a typical charge of about $25 per transaction by the FFL for their services.

    No one can ship a weapon to just anyone... it's illegal, it has to go through a FFL.

    - Good Luck!

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    I just purchased a (NIB) limited edition revolver via a dealer and it was painless and fast and at a very fair price. I dont imagine I could have found this gun without going on line. I had an FFL fax their license and within two days I had my gun.

    Basically the online store ships the weapon to the FFL and you fill out the final paper work at the FFL while you pick up your weapon. I would do it again in a heart beat. The FFL fee was $25 and the shipping was $30 but there was no sales tax.

    It would probably be wise to get an FFL lined up prior to making your purchase. Dont assumed that your favorite local gun store that offers FFL services will be OK with transfering a *new* gun from an online store.

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    Let me start by saying that, when possible, always try to purchase firearms from a local gun shop in your area, even if it cost a little more. It would be very short sighted of you to buy online just save 5-10%. You do not want the local stores to go away! Now as to online buying: The bigger online stores and auction sites will have an FFL locator on their site. These locator will only list FFL holders who already have a signed FFL on file with the site. If you have a business or personal relationship with a local gun shop or gunsmith, they will be able to help you with the transfer of a firearm purchased online. (As was noted by a previous poster; they are NOT required to handle the transfer. It is their choice.) If you currently have no contact with gun shops or gunsmiths, simply go to the phone book’s yellow pages and start calling. It is very important that you find a FFL holder who will handle the transaction prior to placing your order with the online site! The generally accepted price for handling a transfer is $10-$35. The BATF has ruled that the seller of firearms may accept a faxed copy of the properly signed FFL. A few FFL holders still have the old license with the small numbers that do not fax very well. If this is the case you will need to have a copy mailed to the online site. When your FFL receives the firearm, they will contact you. After you complete the paperwork and pay the fee they charge for the transfer, the firearm is yours. I hope this helps.

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    Yes, I've purchased quite a few firearms online. I prefer to buy a used or in like new condition to save some money.

    1. Find a local FFL to do the transfer, fees in my area range from $25-50 on used firearms, $100 new (b/c they'd want you to buy new guns from them). There's FFL lists on

    2. Purchase the firearm online

    3. Stop by your FFL, fill out the appropriate paperwork (background checks, etc.), pay the transfer fee, give them the seller's fax number or get a paper copy of their FFL license to mail it

    4. Give the seller the shipping info of your FFL

    5. Pick up your firearm when it arrives.

    I buy from and various forums (GlockTalk, HKPro, Walther Forum)

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    Most, if not all, online gun sales sites require a "signed in ink" copy of the local FFL holder you're having the gun shipped to on file. Therefore, they cannot fax a copy of their license, it must be sent in the mail before you can do the transfer. That's the way dealers do it here in my area.

    That said, years ago I bought and sold guns on eBay. Since they've banned gun sales I have used I'm also registered on and They seem to be the "big three" when it comes to online auctions and gun sales.

    <ADDED> The thumbs down crack me up! How do 3 people know what I need to do to get an online dealer to ship to my local dealer? Once they have a signed in ink copy, they can then ship to them at any time after that. It's a one time deal.

    That's just too funny.

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    You need to find a local FFL to accept the transfer for you (between $25 and $50) this is basically just them sending a copy of their license to who has the gun you want to buy and agreeing to handle the paperwork.

    You then buy the gun from the place that has what you want and let them know who the FFL you want to receeve the gun is and pay them.

    -Your local FFL will then call you when the firearm arrives.

    I've done online deals with Bushmaster and Atlantic Firearms before.

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    You can buy firearms online, but you have to make arrangements with an FFL licensee in your home state to receive the firearm and transfer it to you. This will incur additional money in the way of fees. I alway buy locally. There is nothing that I haven't been able to obtain locally.

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    Unless you have a FFL license you have to go to a dealer that will order it through his retailer. Its A big jock.

    Your better off to find a firearm in a local sporting goods store or pawn broker. Or have them order what you are looking for. Hope this helps.

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    First, you must be legally able to purchase and own a gun in your local area before any dealer will sell you a gun.

    I recently purchased a gun from a Store in Llano, Texas called "Arms to Armor, The History Store". The procedure that I followed was to go to my local gun dealer and ask if he would be willing to receive a gun from this other dealer. He agreed to do so and told me his fee for doing this and taking care of all of the necessary paperwork. He then gave me a photocopy of his FFL to send to the dealer from whom I was buying the gun. I contacted the dealer in Texas and gave him my credit card number (only do this if you know the dealer). He charged the price of the gun plus the cost of shipping and insurance to my card. He set aside the gun for me until he receved the photocopy of my local dealer's FFL. I sent the copy to the Texas dealer and he sent the gun to my local FFL. My local FFL called me to tell me that the gun had arrived and I could come pick it up. I went to the store, did the paperwork, paid the fee and took my gun home with me. I was buying a rifle but if you are buying a handgun, you may have to wait for the background check to be done before taking the gun home with you. Your area may impose other restrictions in addition to these.

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    I have purchased one from Davidsons gun aka Gallery of Guns. com. You have to have it shipped to a licensed dealer. If Your dealer doesnt have a account with them they will provide names of dealers in Your area that do.

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