what is a synthesizer?

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    A synthesizer (or synthesiser) is an electronic instrument capable of producing musical sounds. The term originates from the Greek syntithetai < synthesis (συντίθεται < σύνθεσις).

    Synthesizers create electrical signals, which are then converted into a sound by a speaker. Analog synthesizers create sound by electrical oscillators which are fed to filters, and digital synthesizers by performing mathematical operations in a microprocessor. Sometimes both methods are used side by side. Both analog and digital synthesized sounds may sound dramatically different than recordings of natural sounds, though digital sampling synthesizers significantly blur this distinction.

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    I'm inclined to blame the MiniMoog for everything bad that happened to rock music in the '80s, even though it was pretty much obsolete by then. The first song to feature prominent use of a real synthesizer was "We'll meet again" by Vera Lynn in 1939; the instrument used was Hammond Novachord (though it was set up to sound more like a spacy organ) which, while containing 500 tubes, was simple but fully polyphonic. The Minimoog, introduced in 1970, was capable of a much wider range of sounds but could only play one note at a time, requiring an ugly, staccato style of playing that caught on and got into everything. By the '80s, most portable synthesizers were again polyphonic, but the hideous style of playing driven by the MiniMoog had become fashionable. Nearly everything on the radio sounded like "popcorn". Yuk.

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    an electronic instrument capable of producing musical sounds

    Synthesizers create electrical signals, which are then converted into a sound by a speaker.

    Also look up an ewi akai...there pretty cool

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    Forget the synthesizer go for the Keytar!!!


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    A glorified organ with more electric sounding pre-set instruments.

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    A piece of technology that creates artificial sounds.

    Listen to some rave music and you'll hear what I mean.

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    an instrument that creates sounds by combining sound sources and modifying them. Usually has a piano-like keyboard.

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