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Can you list a bunch of movies with no sexual scenes or nudity ?

I believe this is wrong and our bodies are meant to only be shared with our spouse, but do not only want to watch cartoons.

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    None of these have sexual content or too much content at all. Only 3 are rated R. The rest are PG, G(classics, so not rated) or pg-13:

    *Napolean Dynamite

    *Little Miss Sunshine (there is a lot of language & a scene where Steve Carrell buys porn mags for Alan Arkin, but no sexual scenes or even make-outs); seems like it should be rated R, but I think that it's pg-13; either way, it's a very funny and touching movie with a good message/happy ending.

    *Bringing Up Baby (C. Grant, K. Hepburn; famously hysterical screwball comedy, black and white, one of my faves)

    *The Philadelphia Story (originally a play, dramedy, w/ J. Stewart, K. Hepburn, C. Grant)

    *Seabiscuit (Tobey Maguire)

    *Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (amazing true story w/ Gabrielle Anwar-- from the 90's)

    *Rebecca (classic; directed but not written by Hitchcock; psychological thriller, won best pic academy award for 1940 (?)

    *Simon Birch (a must-see!!!)

    *What About Bob (HYSTERICAL, with Bill Murray and Richard Dryfess)

    * A Beautiful Mind (Russell Crowe)

    *** The Lord of the Rings trilogy (Tolkien was a Christian, bff's w/ C.S. Lewis, and it's got elements of a Christian allegory)

    *The Chronicles of Narnia (fun for adults)

    *Lemony Snicket (w/ Jim Carrey; again, just as funny for adults)

    *Giant (epic from 60's; James Dean's 3rd and final, amazing performance, also starring Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor and Dennis Hopper)

    *That Thing You Do (Liv Tyler, Tom Hanks; Hank's directorial debut; a big family favorite in my household)

    *Father of the Bride (Steve Martin, Diane Keaton); sequel good also, but forget the exact name

    *Enemy of the State (very good and realistic political thriller with Will Smith and Gene Hackman)

    *The Good Shepherd (requires mental concentration; stars Matt Damon, about the founding of the CIA; directed by R. De Niro)

    *Sneakers (super-good crime and intrigue caper, starring Robert Redford, River Phoenix, Sidney Poitier-- don't miss this one-- pg-13)

    I'm sure there are many more good flix that fit your requirements, but these are the few that came to mind immediately. Good luck and happy viewing.

    P.S. Oh, I concur with one movie that someone listed above: Secondhand Lions--- GREAT movie!!

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    Try the links I provided. There will be cartoon movies mixed in with live action titles. Please keep in mind that any rating above "G" may contain some language, sexual content, violence and so on. Click this link first to see what they all mean and next visit to the video store be sure to check the cases as they will display the rating and usually the content that gave it that rating.

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    Beast from the deep,Leprechaun,Rambo IV,Terminator 2,Star Wars 3,Cry Wolf,Wolf Creek,The Illusionist,Harry Potter Trilogy,1408,Tremors 4 and many many others

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    Just saw one on tv with Robert Duvall and Michael Caine called, "Second Hand Lions". Fabulous.

    I agree with you.

    "O Brother, where Art Thou?"

    I don't watch a lot of movies...

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    Don't you read the rating like MA M PG G etc

    However if you are concerned with sexual references then that another story

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