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    我覺得 -THE SOUND OF MUSIC- 最代表大 自然


    My day in the hills has come to an end I Know

    A star has come out to tell me its time to go but deep in the

    dart green shadows are voices that urge me to stay

    so I pause and I wait and listen for one more sound

    or one more lovely thing that the hills might say

    The hills are alive with the sound of music,

    With songs they have sung for a thousand years

    The hill fills my heart, with the sound of music,

    My heart wants to sing every songs it hears

    My heart wants to beat like the wings of a bird

    that rise from the lake to the trees

    My heart want to sign like a chime that flies from a church on a breeze

    To laugh like a brook when it trips and falls over stones on its way

    To sing through the night like a lark who is learning to pray

    I go to the hill when my heart is lonely

    I know I will hear waht I ve heard before

    My Heart will be blessed with the sound of music

    And I d sing once more

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