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    First, condenses the national strength: Sports itself is one

    international language, therefore sponsors Olympic Games the country,

    the people all is willing to work with concerted efforts, helps the

    government to manage dramatically the Olympic Games, for visitor a

    good impression. Olympic Games manage the complete success, the

    national not only are proud, also increases the confidence to the

    country, is indirectly advantageous to the national livelihood


    Second, by way of the international media large report, the Olympic

    Games host country goes sightseeing the hot spot to be able to attract

    more tourists, simultaneously creates the new generation of tourist

    group, the government also can take advantage of this the opportunity

    renewal going sightseeing industry infrastructure. Even if Olympic

    Games for time only 17 days, once is elected for the host country, in

    front of Olympic Games' preparatory work, usual for ten years long

    time, but going sightseeing industry is the biggest source of wealth,

    ends after Olympic Games, still might 絕 not attract the tourist in a

    steady stream. Therefore some person of plays called the Olympics

    games are an item "go sightseeing the games".

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    Firstly, condensing the national power:sport is an international language initially, therefore people in those host countries of holding the Olympic Games are willing to coodinate, cooperate with the government for making the Olympic Games much more wonderful, give the visitor a set of good impression. If Olympic Games is held successfully, that s not only makes the citizen proud of theirself, but also gives confidence to citizen for the country, on the other hand, benefit the development for both country and citizen indirectly.


    Secondly, through the report by the medium substantially, the tourist spots of the host countries of Olympic Games attract many vistors, at the meantime, attract a new generation of vistors, government can also by way of renewing the basic installation of the tourist spots. even though the Olympic Games is only held 17 days, as long as the country have the chance to hold it, the preparation for that, usually about ten years long, follow up is the tourism. After the Olympic Games, the place still attract many and many visitors to there. therefore, some people said that Olympic Games is a [tour games].


    Thirdly, performing the new technologies to speed up the society construction:due to the Olympic Games holding time is restricted, so the contest's place and the relative construction also need to be built in a specific time, therefore speed up the improvement of the society construction, make some outmoded areas turn to a technological modern area in a very short time.

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    Fourthly, enhance the international reputation:the host country of Olympic Games for the purpose of this chance, popularizes their country, increases the global honor, and advertises the local climate of people.

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    that s not only enhances the exchange culture of international, but also broadens the knowledge and view of the citizen, enhances the quality of life indirectly.

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    Moreover, after the Olympic Games, the host still own every installation, and the experience for holding another world big events, attract much more vistors and benefit.


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    Fifthly, accelerating the economy development:every Olympic Games in past also brought many business and work opportunities to the host, and so is the Olympic Games of 2004.

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    It has excited the economy of Greece and Athens, leaded the businessman into the international market.

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    A lots of foreign investor also grabbed the chances of the Olympic Games relative businesses, such as catering trade, retail business, property, shopping and sporty business, all of them are the chances to make big money.

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    i hv spent 2 hrs to translate that, that s awful...

    hope that helps ya,

    and i am not quite sure is right or not,

    but at least better than translation website i suppose,

    cuz the meaning probably correct^^

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