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    The shrimp Jiao is a representative Guangdong dessert, with the wallet of the 1 F Cheng noodles wear 1-2 shrimps for main farcing, amount of size much within the limit of the sip.Traditional shrimp Jiao[1] is what half month form, spider belly totally has 12 plaits, the farcing contains shrimp and there is meat and there is bamboo shoot, what to spread is only a shrimp shrimp now Jiao.The superior quality delicious shrimp Jiao must the skin is thin and soft, if the Jiao skin is translucent better then;The shrimp wants to be good to eat to play a tooth and there is a little amount juice liquid inside Jiao, whole Jiao the wanting an enough hot is the best.

    The shrimp Jiao all can find out by going to oversea Chinatown in Guangdong and Hong Kong, the Yue type takes tea of teahouse, girlie restaurants all necessarily will have this dessert, but these desserts generally only supply morning session and noon City.Can also find out the shrimp Jiao of nasty jelly in the supermarket, as long as heat in the microwave oven then edible use.

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