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我查到了「金錢外交」的英文是"dollar diplomacy"~ 那「台灣不應該實施金錢外交」該怎麼翻呢?

"Taiwan should not _____ dollar diplomacy."

是該用have 還是do? 或是直接用「實施」的英文(這又分好多種了~)?

先感謝大大們的解答~ ^ ^

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    "Taiwan should not engage in the dollar diplomacy."


    In a battle for influence, both Beijing and Taipei are engaged in "dollar diplomacy," offering aid or cheap loans to small nations in Central America, the South Pacific and Africa. (China Post, 2007-06-12, Costa Rica isn't an enemy )

    At last week's year-end press conference, Huang said that Taiwan would not engage in a dollar diplomacy race with Beijing and urged the nation's allies to think carefully when faced with the choice of "a solid unwavering friend" and a communist country.(Taipei Times, 2008-01-06, Ministry mum on rumors of Malawi severing ties)

    Taiwan began what is known as dollar diplomacy after Chiang Kai-shek moved his government to Taipei, for he had to defend its seat in the United Nations. Taiwan's case is different from the dollar diplomacy the United States conducted in the early twentieth century to invest heavily in Latin America. (China Post, 2008-03-03, Taiwan foreign relations under CCK)

    Using money for diplomatic purposes was not "dollar diplomacy," Hsieh said, because the US once provided Taiwan with financial assistance. Taiwan in turn must help others now it is better off, he said.(Taipei Times, 2008-02-25, Hsieh, Ma go head to head in debate)

    Instead of using "dollar diplomacy," Chen said the country would use its democracy, humanitarianism and economic assistance to win the support and recognition of the international community. (Taipei Times, 2008-01-14, Chen Shui-bian off to Central America and the Caribbean)

    "We hope to have new interactions [with Malawi authorities]," said Yeh, who noted that Taiwan could not compete in "dollar diplomacy" with China. (China Post, 2008-01-04, MOFA head in Malawi to save strained ties)

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    china post 上常常看到





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