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against liver damage (Lim et al., 2001) and relieves constipation

(Ono, Tamura, Terao, & Anno, 2005). It is also

reported that pericarps contain cytotoxic compounds

which have anti-tumour activities (Arisawa, Fujita, Morita,

& Koshimura, 1990), anti-viral (Arisawa et al., 1990) activities,

and inhibitory activities against human immunodefi-

ciency virus (HIV)-reverse transcriptase (Nakane, Ono,

Arisawa, Fujita, & Koshimura, 1991) and nitric oxide production

in a macrophage-like cell line (Ishii, Horie, Saito,

Arisawa, & Kitanaka, 2001).

In the present study, the antioxidative activity of an

aqueous extract of M. japonicus was compared with that

of known antioxidative materials. Several compounds were

isolated from those fractions of the leaf extract having the

antioxidative activity and identified using HPLC and LC–

MS. Finally, the antioxidative activity of the components

was compared with that of other antioxidative compounds

by conducting DPPH radical-scavenging, superoxide radical-

scavenging, and hydroxyl radical-scavenging assays.

2. Materials and methods

2.1. Chemicals, reagents, and solvents

Folin–Ciocalteu reagent, superoxide dismutase (SOD),

DPPH, 5,5-dimethyl-1-pyrroline-N-oxide (DMPO), Diethylenetriamine-

N,N,N0,N00,N00-pentaacetic acid (DTPA),

Trolox, rutin, quercetin, ellagic acid, gallic acid, and chlorogenic

acid were purchased from Wako Pure Chemical

Industries, Ltd. (Osaka, Japan). EGCG was obtained from

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    反對肝損傷(等Lim, 2001)和解除便秘

    (Ono、Tamura、Terao, & Anno 2005)。 它也是


    哪些有anti-tumour活動(Arisawa, Fujita, Morita,

    & Koshimura 1990),抗病毒(等Arisawa, 1990)活動,


    ciency病毒(HIV) -反向transcriptase (Nakane, Ono,

    Arisawa、Fujita, & Koshimura, 1991)和氧化一氮生產

    在a巨噬細胞像細胞系(Ishii, Horie, Saito,

    Arisawa, & Kitanaka 2001)。


    M.含水萃取物。 japonicus與那比較

    知道的抗氧化材料。 幾種化合物是



    女士 終於,組分的抗氧化活動


    通過舉辦DPPH根本換氣, superoxide基礎


    2. 材料和方法

    2.1. 化學製品、試劑和溶劑

    福-本-邁三氏法Ciocalteu試劑, superoxide歧化酶(草皮),

    DPPH, 5,5二甲基1二氫化吡咯N氧化物(DMPO),二乙撐三胺

    N, N, N0, N00, N00-pentaacetic酸(DTPA),

    Trolox,芸香苷,五羥黃酮, ellagic酸,五倍子酸和綠原酸


    產業,有限公司。 (大阪,日本)。 EGCG獲得了從

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