Why are people too scare of Detroit???????????????????

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    1 decade ago
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    Because many people rely on the media and inaccurate statistics to make decisions for them.

    Its all the media, and those who allow the media to brain wash them are often mislead like a bunch of lemmings who will follow anyone off a cliff to their doom.

    The media is only true to an extent, and tends to only focus on the negative of most subjects concerning society and culture and many avenues of the economics of society.

    Detroit is not all bad, while the media tends to focus on any crime that takes place in Detroit and focus on a lot of negative stereotypes with the image of the city itself and the racial profiling of the predominate race that inhabits the city, the media ignores the fact that the city has a declining economy and poor job market this day and age.

    Take for instance, the media is all over the issues with and surrounding Detroit's mayor kawami kilpatrick, and use it as a bad prejudgment towards black people. Yes everything is true about Detroit's mayor and he is a piece of crap that needs to be exiled from office, but its not true that all black people in that city are all for him or that all black people are shiesty like he is.

    The combination of Detroit's mayor and the media has cause the city and the state of Michigan a lot of racial tension and now the state is in a sense divided into racial groups at war with each other in a sense.

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    Well I will admit that in my opinion, I think Detroit is over-rated a little bit, everyones says they're the one of the best teams in the league they're not even in the top three. I mean look at the crappy conference they're in. If they were in the west they'd be right behind Dallas or Houston. They're not championship material, there is no arguing that they are not the best in the east because they are but the east isn't nearly as good as the west... Oh and Richard Hamilton is totally over-rated, he plays like a little girl.... The Spurs are gonna win the championship this year and they are always not getting the attention they deserve..

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    since the 67 riots, which was broadcasted to the world as showing Detroit full of (tanks) angry, gun-holding people who will shot anyone, people have had a negative and ignorant view of detroit. detroit is just as dangerous as anyother major US city. There are bad parts of detroit, but when u go to detroit u go to downtown, the stadiums, new center area, and many suburbs which are much more safer. detroit is usually referred to the whole metro detroit area, which in retrospect is a very safe area. people are scarred b/c they dont know and learn from their fam and friends who look at detroit and see a rough neck of the US, detroit is not always like this. People are nice here and more than willing to talk about the city, either negatively or positively.

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    1 decade ago

    I'm not scared of Detroit. People in the suburbs are becoming less scared. Downtown Detroit is becoming somewhat of an entertainment and business area. Lots of young people are living in lofts down there.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I guess in a way for people who aren't from the area and only hear the media's perspective and negative reports of murders I understand how people can be afraid of the city. There are bad areas but I think the good parts out weigh the bad. It's an awesome city that's so much fun to hang out in and there's a ton to do. I love hanging out in the summer and going to Tigers games and just walking around. It's a great atmosphere people just need to see for themselves rather than listening to reports in tv.

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    I love Motown

  • The ppl who r scared of it r wite ppl scared of black ppl.

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    1 decade ago

    Nothing, I love it!!

  • 1 decade ago

    there are no jobs. and it's kind of dirty.

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