i am doing a project on To Kill a mocking bird and i cant find a 1930's court case dealing with prejudice if

any one knows of one it would be most appreciated

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    Powell, et al v. State of Alabama

    1932, Scottsboro, Alabama

    Ozzie Powell, Hayward Patterson and Charley Weems were convicted, along with six other African-American men, of raping two women while aboard a freight car traveling through Alabama. The three appealed their conviction to the Supreme Court, which overturned the ruling of the lower court on the grounds that the state had provided inadequate legal counsel. All of the black male plaintiffs in this case were retried and again found guilty. The Supreme Court, in Norris v. Alabama, then overturned the conviction because blacks had been systematically excluded from the grand jury that had indicted them. Although state courts retried the so-called “Scottsboro Boys,” freeing four of them, the supposed “ring leader” of the group, Haywood Patterson, was sentenced to 75 years in prison. He escaped from jail in 1948 and fled to Michigan, where he was convicted of the stabbing death of another black man in 1950.

    I read TKAM last year my teacher showed us this case as a reference. Hope it helps! :)

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    I'm currently reading that book and it is wonderful! As for the court case, I don't know a specific one, but try typing in 1930s prejudice court cases and see what pops up. GL!

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    try Brown vs. the Board of Education

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    ive examine that e book in all likelihood 8 cases, no lie haha. with what number cases ive examine it, it may be super basic for me to do a undertaking on any of the characters. yet i think of i could p.c.. boo radley considering he became into considered one of those secret until the tip of the e book. with boo, you get to concentration no longer in straightforward terms on what's the reality approximately his character, yet in addition on each and all of the flaws that folk mentioned and theory approximately him in the previous he became into even rather presented in the climax of the story.

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