Why don't Dems get a independent counsel to investigate Bush like they did to Clinton?

honestly, why do the Dems have zero spine and not investigate false wars and misleading and lying to the American people, Plamegate, and the list goes on, but let Clinton get investigated for some stupid land deal which hurt nobody which in the end amounted to nothing? Why do the dems have no spine, but caved into GOP demands in 1994 with "whitewater"?


not to mention tapping into people's phones and illegal spying

Update 2:

prophet you are sad. no one ever said that Saddam had or was making WMDs, nor the CIA or the 9/11 commission. Bush lied. The Clintons were CLEARED OF EVERYTHING. Compared to other Presidents, Reagan and Bush with Iran Contra, Nixon Watergate, W for everything, the Clintons were damn honest. Johnson Tonkingate, and Bus

Update 3:

JJ yea half of the Dems did vote for Iraq, but they may not have known Bush was LYING, and if they found out that they were lied to after the fact, then they should investigate and impeach.

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    Congress allowed the independent council law to expire. No one (Democrat or Republican) wanted a repeat of the Kenneth Starr fiasco. $20 million dollars spent investigating a sour land deal that had culminated in an unreported LOSS of $20,000, which ended with the discovery of a dress stain.

    Bill Clinton did nothing wrong, except be dishonest about personal questions that should never have been asked to begin with. Those bozos who think Bush is innocent never heard of Harken Energy. Bush was a member of the board of directors of that company, and profitted some $200,000 on the sale of stock from inside information.

    After that, our "has done nothing wrong" president also authorized illegal wiretaps (after claiming--"we are a nation of laws, and wiretaps require a warrant. Nothing has changed). Nothing wrong? His list of gross incompetencies and criminal malfeasances is distressing to anyone with a sound mind. Nothing wrong with wracking up trillion dollar deficits? Honesty--I think the Republican Party should be punished for decades--until all the money this administration has squandered has been paid back--by being denied seats in any branch of government. The Democrats don't have a lot of room to brag, but none have ever been as incompetent as the buffoon Chimpy McFlightsuit.

    Vetoing bills abolishing torture. How proud we must be as Americans, secure in the knowledge our government endorses torture, abducts citizens of other nations and tortures them in our foreign gulags. We're the moral paragons of the "free" world!

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    Well lets answer one at a time.

    1. The War, the senate has already investigated the prewar intelligence and commissioned two reports on thier findings.

    Both reports agreed, the overwelming conclusion of the intelligence agencies prior to the war, was that Iraq still had WMD.

    The intelligence community was wrong, but who is the President supposed to believe ?

    2. The already investigated palmegate, they know who leaked the story, Richard Armitridge did.

    But the main problem is, the way the law about outing was written, The law states, that the person outing an intelligence agent, must do so, purposely to harm national security.

    Otherwise it is not a crime.

    Yes, thats a wierd way for a law to read, but the law was written to make what one person back in the 1980's did, a crime. Not to protect intelligence agents in general.

    3. As to the wiretapping

    Lets remember, they were not wiretapping americans telephones, they were wire tapping suspected terrorist telephones who lived overseas, who happened to call a phone number in the US.

    But the reason there has been no congressional investigation or independent counsel is easy to answer.

    Both the Democratic and Republican leadership in Congress, were briefed in on the program, before it ever started.

    So both Pelosi and Ried, both knew about the program.

    Any independent counsel investigation, would have to include what they knew and when they knew it, and why they never said anything.

    But the bigger question is,

    Why would you want to continue this partisan bickering and backstabbing ?

    If Congress is going to continue to hire independent counsel's to investigate silly things, it will just continue, from President to President , the tit for tat, would never end.

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    The Dems won't investigate Bush with regards to the war because they would implicate themselves as laying the foundation for us going into Iraq.


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    As for Valerie Plame, she had already been outed as a covert agent by the Russians back in 1995. In 1997 she married Joe Wilson and took a 9 to 5 job at Langley, not exactly covert. By the time Robert Novak mentioned that Plame was a CIA employee, the 5 year statute of limitations for outing a covert CIA agent had expired. Prosecutor Fitzgerald must have had an ax to grind against Karl Rove so he went after Scooter Libby despite already knowing the identity of the leaker, former deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage. Since no crime had been committed (expired statute of limitations) he got Libby for lying because the poor guy misquoted himself as to what he told the FBI a year earlier.

    As for Hillary, some of Bill's teflon must have rubbed off on her. Obama is investigated because of Rezko. Hillary gets caught with $850,000 in funny money from Norman Hsu. Instead of being indicted for accepting dirty money, she returns the money and all is forgiven...amazing! As for wiretapping without a warrant, when the WTC was bombed back in 1993, Clinton used an electronic spy program(Echelon) to monitor communication without using a warrant. The Lib Media called Clinton's domestic spy program a 'necessity'. When Bush did the same thing after 9/11 the media called Bush's spying 'illegal' and an invasion of privacy.


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  • 1 decade ago

    Patrick Fitzgerald was appointed as special counsel to investigate The Valerie Plame scandal. About three days into the investigation he learned that Richard Armitage was the person responsible for revealing her identity, but concluded that no crime had been committed. He continued investigating until he was able to get Scooter Libby to make a contradictory statement. After many months and millions of dollars spent, he got a perjury conviction. Had the investigation ended when he concluded no crime had been committed, then there never would have been a perjury conviction. because this was the most solid thing they have ever had on Bush, Democrats have wisely decided to not move forward with any other investigations.

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  • 1 decade ago

    What's left to investigate - the CIA analysts gave data which was interpreted by the administration and congress - and all agreed (and Saddam admited) that Iraq was working on weapons of mass destruction. Certainly the evidence was weak, but they had proof of the mass gasing of the Kurds.

    Whitewater was an investigation of potential breaking of US law by the Clintons.

    Apples and oranges.

    But the bottomline is you hate Bush - not to worry - he'll be gone in about 11 months. Vote Obama.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's negative and the public had enough of investigations with Ken Starr. It could backlash against the Democratic Congress in November. But if the Dems win the Presidency and the Congress expect investigations into Iraq, the oil companies, surveillance on private citizens, torture tactics on detainees.

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  • 4 years ago

    Only if Congress and the American people are willing to be named as accomplices. The Congress passed the so-called Patriot Act and supported the president's actions. It makes me sick to reflect upon how few stood up and said "No, this is definitely wrong" when they had the chance. Using torture never should have been considered, let alone accepted. And the voters--myself included--should have risen up and screamed bloody murder at the time, not just now that it's easy.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Investigate what?????

    A war that THE VAST MAJORITY of Democrats voted to support even though they had access to the same intelligence?

    Hillary didn't even bother to READ the intelligence reports she was given.

    Maybe you want them to investigate the Patriot Act that so many of them voted for as well.

    Why would they do that?

    So they could remind everybody that they went along with the program and expose themselves as hippoicrites?

    The Clintons were investigated because they had a long list of scandals from renting out the Lincoln Bedroom, to hustling people in shady real estate deals to so many of the people who were supposed to testify against them

    A. 73 of the pled the 5th

    B. 27 of the fled the country

    C. Remember Vince Foster and Ron Brown?

    What about they young lady who claimed she was pregnant by Big Pimpin Bill Clinton who supposedly committed suicide by shooting herself in the BACK of her own head?

    Travelgate, Chinagate, cattle futures the list goes on.

    We have had Democrats as President before, many of whom , if not all, were despised by the Republican party.

    But NONE of them were ever even ACCUSED of all of this stuff. I mean the reality is that there were no less than 55 CRIMINAL CHARGES

    AND 19 CONVICTIONS of people intimately tied to the clintons in these scandals. ALL of whom were admitted by the Clintons to be close friends and or business partners.

    I understand your opposition to the war and to why you oppose the encroachment on our civil liberties but there is nothing to investigate. These policies were put into place WITH THE FULL COOPERATION OF OFFICIALS FROM BOTH PARTIES. It is all a matter of public record.

    So no there will be no investigation.


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  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe they know it wasn't illegal and all the hype is just politics stirring up the base. Dems have no ideas accept steal are money through the KGB aka IRS. Then act like they are doing us a huge favor when they give us poor results. Both parties are guilty. The prescription drug was one of the worst mistakes of this president.

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  • Boss H
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    1 decade ago

    do you even have a clue how hard it is to investigate a President while he is in office and has the CIA at his beckon call?

    there has been numerous probes, that have been impeded by "Executive Privilege" and by much of the info needed, being classified to the point of it ending for no other reason than there was no way there were going to be able to complete them.

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