Name one simply accomplishments of all the candidates have done (Obama, Clinton, McCain)?

Don't tell me to google or go to some web site to search..

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    1.Hillary - I'm as good as any man and I've proved it to Bill

    2.Obama - I can change to daylight saving time with no problem

    3,McCain - I can be a republican or a democrat,depending on who I'm talking to

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    Clinton spoke to the chinese government about the killing of female babies due to their culture and population problems.

    McCain backed the military in giving a huge contract to the French rather than Boeing aircraft.

    I am not lying when I say that I am not sure about Obama. He says that he's spent a lot of time advocating for poor people on the south side of Chicago?

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    McCain has done more to cut WASTEFUL government spending for over 30 years, than any other politician. He is completely against earmarks. He will continue to cut the pork, whether he's elected or not, as he always has done.

    He's completely against things like Hillary's $340 MILLION in earmarks, and her (thankfully FAILED) plan to finance building, maintaining and operating a HIPPIE MUSEUM with $100 million of the taxpayers' money.

    McCain has been a prominent member of Citizens Against Government Waste for many years. He has won awards for saving the taxpayers' money.

    While HILLARY has consistently been one of the top 10 spenders in Washington AND in New York as a senator. No one can waste money like the Clintons. That's why they have to enact huge tax increases and now Hillary is threatening to "mandate" (garnish our wages) us, too.

    OH YEAH, and there was that whole ' almost dying for our country' thing, too.


    She introduced FEPA (Family Entertainment Protection Act - To restrict use of our movies, video games, etcetera)...So that the government could do the parents' job for them, so the parents wouldn't have to be bothered with raising/supervising their own children.

    She proposed a health care plan that FAILED due to lack of support...Her plan wasn't accepted at that time, yet she believes (and has convinced others) that she can make it go THIS time...Yes, I am aware that it isn't the exact same plan (unless, that's just what she's telling people), but still...Her idea, nonetheless, which would still require acceptance from the majority before it could be passed


    Not entirely sure. I mean, he must have done something, but I really haven't checked his record.

    *Thumbs down. Some people hate the truth. Makes me laugh*

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    Clinton worked with Ted Kennedy to create the State Children's Health Insurance Plan back when she was First Lady. In 2006 alone - 6.6 America million children had health insurace who otherwise would have gone without.

    Obama made a speech in 2002 against a war that he had no authority to vote and no accountability for.

    I haven't researched McCain much. I'll be looking into him more closer to the general election.

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    Come on now, All three of them are just dying to open the gates and wecome every single illegal immigrent into America, and all at the expense of you and me!

    Let's see I live in Arizona so you are going to have to catch me up to spped onwho this McCain guy is, never did anything for us.

    Obo = has been "Present" supports hate and racist groups and additionally anything that helps destroy America.

    Hillary = DIdn't she do a SwimSuit Issue with Oprah, and a lingerie book with her also, right?

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    1 decade ago

    I have so many for Hillary that it is hard to just pick one.

    Hillary > After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, She worked with her colleagues to secure the funds that New York needed to recover and rebuild. She fought to provide compensation to the families of the victims,grants for hard hit small businesses, and health care for front line workers at ground zero.

    obama > was against the war

    McCain > served in the armed forces, was a pow and survived.

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    1 decade ago

    obama-nothing decent year in the senate but even thats debateable..

    clinton-again not much except claim she was responsible for anything that bill clinton may have done right in his presidency..which wasn't much either

    mccain-served in the united states navy and spent six years as a prisoner of war, senator from arizona, and he has been involved in just about every single national security and foreign affairs situation for the past 25 years or so....i think he has some experience

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    1 decade ago

    Hillary for several years now has been a party line voter aiding the Dems in getting what they beleive right done, McCain has ben there to vote for the best in his minds eye and supply many new approaches for CHANGE for many years. Obama has run for President

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    Obama beat Bin Laden in Texas holdem last week.

    Clinton tried to keep up with Monica but Bill voted Monica down. McCain was a war hero

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    I think I heard Hillary named a post office or something.

    Obama put together the obama-lugar American Fuels Act.

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