What are some things to do in the Detroit/Belleville, Michigan and surrounding area?

Myself and my 8 month old daughter are going along with my husband on a business trip. We will be there Wednesday through Friday. We should have half the day free on Thursday and all day on Friday.

What are some good things to do in the Detroit, MI area? Good places to eat, attractions, etc.?

So far we are thinking the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Detroit Zoo. But we are looking for good places to eat and shop as well. Can anyone recommend a good restaurant on the waterfront in the Port Huron area?

Oh and our hotel is in Belleville if that matters.

Thank you so much in advance!

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    I've lived in Belleville my whole life and to be honest it's a pretty boring town. There are a few malls in the area but you'd have to drive about 15 minutes (one in Westland and one in Ann Arbor). Ann Arbor is close and it's a really cool town. Go west on I-94 and get off at the State Street Exit. Turn right and you'll see the mall on the left or keep driving straight and you'll go right in to town. It's on the college campus and there are lots of little shops, nice big buildings and statues, cafe's. There's a museum too but I haven't been there in years. There is a mongolian Barbeque that everyone always talks about so you may want to check it out. I hear the Botanical Garden's amazing.

    The DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts) and Detroit Zoo are awesome and if I'm not mistaken they both run winter specials. I love Detroit I think it's an awesome city that just needs a little cleaning up. Great sites and lots to do.

    In Belleville I can recommend Happy's Pizza (for take out). They just opened and have a huge variety of food from ribs, pizza, chicken, shrimp, banana pudding... the food is great and they have the best specials in the area. Also, O'Charlies is good as well as Apple Bees. There is a little restraunt On Belleville Lake (forgot the name since it changes every month). It used to be a regular restraunt with steak and chicken but now I think it's Italian. I've heard they're pretty good but I usually go to Olive Garden in Ann Arbor.

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    A former Michigan person I think you would enjoy Greenfield Village its in Dearborn... Then go to Cranbrook Art Institute

    its a most beautiful place... Even to walk the grounds winter spring or summer it is beautiful... Eating places go Downtown to Greek Town there is a little Cafe called Helen's (something close) not sure name... Then in Southfield you have the Golden Mushroom or Fox & Hounds (were Jimmy Hoffa was taken) Or into Polish food go to Hamtramic

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