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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsOther - Family & Relationships · 1 decade ago

Question bout ex girlfriend and her brother?

ok me and my ex girlfriend broke up(long story) was together for about a year and 5 months,we was living together in ny.she lives in jersey now.

Now I dont know if this sounds crazy but this is what she said.She told me the first time we broke up and she came back 2 me her brother was mad that she left and he wasnt getting to spend the time with her like he used too and that he missed her.I told her I understand that but he should be happ for u and except that u got a man,plus I was treating like a queen when she was with me.

She said that thats her brother and thats how he gonna feel,he;s not gonna want her with another man cuz he feels that Im taking her away from him and he gon want her under him.She said the same with her,she gonna hate any girlfriend he has cuz she feel like she would be taking away from her brother.

Sounds weird to me but maybe I can wrong.I just need some people's opinions about it.My cousin asked me was I sure if its her brother?

what yall think


Im 23 and she's 20.her brother is a year younger.

Its like she so stubborn about it and always accuses me of trying to take her away from her family.She's unreasonable.There's other crazy things thats going on with this family but its 2 much 2 type.

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    As I was reading - I was wondering if it is really her brother too. Maybe it is good to get away from her now - before it really becomes a problem. You need to find someone that has the same hopes and dreams as you!

    Family is very important, but there really needs to be a line drawn somewhere! Family shouldn't stand in the way of LOVE, unless of course there is some sort of abuse or something of that nature!

    Good Luck to you!

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