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why is north Carolina called the tar heels?

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    These are the 2 reasons I've always heard....

    The exact etymology of the nickname is unknown, but most experts believe its roots come from the fact that tar, pitch and turpentine created from the vast pine forests were one of North Carolina's most important exports early in the state's history.

    In the third volume of Walter Clark's Histories of the Several Regiments from North Carolina in the Great War, the author explains that the nickname came from the North Carolina troops ability to hold their ground during a battle. According to the book, North Carolina troops held their ground during a battle in Virginia during the American Civil War while other supporting troops retreated. After the battle, supporting troops asked the victorious North Carolinians: "Any more tar down in the Old North State, boys?" and they replied: "No, not a bit; old Jeff's bought it all up." The supporting troops continued: "Is that so? What is he going to do with it?" The North Carolinian troops' response: "He is going to put it on you'ns heels to make you stick better in the next fight."[4]

    Source(s): Wikiedia
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    During a war the malitia of North Carolina was hiding behind a big hill which they placed tar lots of tar on the top of the hill and the british got stuck in the tar hence Tar Heels

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    they used to walk barefoot on the newly paved roads and got tar stuck to their feet.

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    cause there gay

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