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TOP 5 Surprise Teams next season!?

Who do you think will make headlines next season??

My TOP 5

1.-Dolphins (they'll turn it around and go 19-0), becoming the only team to win the whole thing TWICE!!

2.-Texans (the team to beat in their Division)

3.-Lions (Kitna predicts 14, and gets it right this time)

4.-Cardinals (Leinnart wins the MVP and breaks Brady's record for TD's)

5.-Falcons (Vick is let out for good conduct and takes the Falcons to the Superbowl after a 0-2 start...... just to lose against the Dolphins, then gets back to Dog fighting and is convicted and sentence to 5 years in jail....)

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    1. set the bong down & slowly back away

    2. the Texans are the team to beat in their division, EVERYONE is doing it

    3. Kitna isn't as in w/ God as he must think, must be something else giving him visions. i'm guessing shrooms

    4. he may break something but i doubt it's a TD record, if they don't address the O - line issues he may break a cervical vertebrae, occipital bone & some ribs

    5. ahhhhhhh that's funny. i'm guessing justice is being served, he's probably getting it dog style

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    My Top 3 Would Be. 1. Thunder- Great Young Players. Russel Westbrook Is Going To Do Great This Summer And Some People Are Saying Durant Will Be One Of The Best Ever. 2. Hawks- With The Re-Signing Of Bibby Helps Alot. And Jamal Crawford Is A Beat, He Can Start Or Some Off The Bench And Either Way He Will Get About 15Ppg. 3.Clippers- Blake Griffin Should Be A Beast In The NBA. And Now Eric Gordon HasSome Experience And Baron David Is Still A Great Player

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    Here is a real answer:

    Browns: D. Anderson has three reliable WRs in Edwards, Winslow, and Stallworth. They may win the division but will be in the playoffs.

    Jets: the organization has made a lot of moves to impact both sides of the ball. The o-line got stronger with Fanaca which will be great for T. Jones. They have a ? at QB but may be able to work with what they have to get a least 9 wins.

    Packers: even though HOF man B. Farve is gone they still have a good young WR core and a fast young D. They may get the division but should at least be in the postseason.

    Saints: we know they have a powerful offense but next yr the story will be how much improved their defense is. Leadership provided by Dan Morgan and Jon Vilma.

    The next team may not be a surprise but since I'm a fan and they are the reigning champs my next choice is the NY Football Giants. Many may say that a repeat or even a SB 43 appearance is unlikely but I'll give you three reasons why they can be in SB 43 and even win it.

    1. Shockey is back; Eli now knows how to control his offense and will command Shockey's respect and cooperation.

    2. No coaching change; Coughlin and Spagnola both return therefore no new system

    3. No major personal change; yes G. Wilson, R. Torbor, and K. Mitchell are gone but the core on both sides returns.

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    In most surprising to least

    1. Houston Texans ( will get a wildcard)

    2. Detroit Lions (win their division)

    3. Cardinals(win their division)

    4. Browns ( Be a contender for superbowl)

    5. Baltimore ( Get a wildcard, get back to old form.)

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    I think the top surprise team will be the Browns

    They turned it up late in last season, and are building a strong arsenal for the next season.

    Sorry dont have four more surprise teams

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    i agree with most of those except the dolphins, i think if u want that to happen u better pray. (but ima bears fan so i really dont care about ur top 5) lol

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    That's all right except the Browns are going to kick all their butts! You're also forgetting tampa bay, even with their old quaterbacks they will have an interesting year. The Dolphins aren't going to be able to turn themselves around that much, they will go proboly 8-8-0

    Go Browns!

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    1- Lions

    2- Browns

    3- Cardinals

    4- Vikings

    5- Rams

  • 1-Jets(they might even win 9 games next year!)

    2.Giants-They will have a total collapse

    3.Browns-Will sneak past the 1st round of the playoffs but lose to the Patriots

    4.Dolphins-Will go 9-7 and finish 2nd in divsion

    5.Packers-Make it to playoffs with Aaron Rodgers but lose in 1st round

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    your details are a TAD BIT to strong my friend... but in general they seem like sold picks to be a surprise team once '09 season comes round... GO VIKINGS! :)

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