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Brian asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 1 decade ago

Should I accept this fantasy baseball trade?

I get:

Andrew Jones

Jason Giambi

Scott Kazmir

They get:

Prince Fielder

I drop:

Ramon Hernandez

Tim Wakefield/Troy Glaus

In order to get the best answer, please explain why I should/shouldn't accept the trade. If you say I should, tell me if I should drop Wakefield or Glaus & explain why.

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    Here's something that the other player used to try and get you to accept this trade...he realized that all the players he is trading away have put up big numbers in the past, but are all aging (except Kazmir) and the chances of a bust year are increasing. Also, the production that you will get out of Glaus, which will be at least 25 HR if healthy, is too much to risk for a Giambi who we have seen hit .208 at times. Prince Fielder is the complete opposite, he is still very young, and coming off of a 50 HR season, and that kind of talent you cant give up unless your getting one back, and even though Andruw Jones has hit 50 in the past, you cant count on anything with his year last year. Wakefield always gets at least 13 wins, most of the time more, and with the high ERA, and low K's, 13+ wins still has some stock in fantasy. If you are going to drop anyone I would Wakefield, and also, I have heard rumors about Roberto Hernandez expecting breakout, after he was dissapointed after last year. He lost 25 lbs of fat, and gained it back in far as I have heard...(report on


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    that trade is hard to evaluate w/o knowing what the rest of your team looks like. I am going to assume that you have some holes to fill and that is why you are considering this. I am also assuming standard 5x5 cats.

    I think jones will have a bounce back year. he's still a pretty young guy (30). he should make up a good deal of the difference in hr/rbi cats by losing fielder but will hurt you a bit in the avg. cat.

    same goes w/ giambi but to me he is the bigger risk. his glove won't keep him in the lineup so he has to come out hitting hot or he will get replaced at 1B and won't get too much in the way of dh ab competing w/ the yanks OF platoon. the upside is he is in a loaded lineup so he may just go on a tear. so unless you have another option at 1B you should consider giambi a big risk.

    if you are gonna do this trade then dump wakefield. the only thing you gain w/ kazmir though is in the K cat. he may get a few more Ws than last year but won't help you in the era or whip dept any more than wakefield.

    I wouldn't drop glaus if I were you. his foot problems seem to be over after surgery and he's not playing on turf anymore. further, he's in the NL now and hitting behind pujols (but for how long?) so he could have a bounce back year as well.

    If you feel that this move fills the necessary holes and you are willing to take the risk w/ jones and giambi then I say go for it.

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    I would not do that trade.

    Fielder is a powerhouse and will likely hit 50+ homeruns this year. Playing in a potent Brewers lineup only helps.

    Giambi is basically worthless. He's no longer the fantasy stud he used to be, and I would probably have him dropped immediately. Jones may return to form, but I doubt it considering he has moved to a pitcher's ballpark. He's always had a fairly low BA for fantasy anyways. Kazmir is a great pitcher with elctrifying stuff, but he's a major injury risk and tends to walk to many people, which raises his WHIP. Bad run support will also cost him wins.

    I would keep Wakefield for now because he can still be a decent source of wins because of great run support. I would drop Hernandez because he's constantly injured, but I don't know who is available to pick up. Glaus is borderline, so if there's no one good to pick up, then keep him.

    Hope I helped!

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    Nobody can answer this question fairly without seeing the rest of your team but without benefit of seeing why you would consider this I will offer this: Fielder is a beast who is barring injury a top 10, maybe even a top 5 fantasy option who will provide around a .300 ave. 50+ HR and potentially with that Brewer lineup 125-135 RBI. So the guy wont swipe a bag but he will score 100+ runs making him an elite 4 category fantasy stud. Giambi is nothing more than a bench option, his fantasy numbers simply dont warrant a starting position. Andrew Jones could return to the Jones of old but that is a risky assumption at best, he will give HR, some SB and decent RBI totals and kill your batting average category (not enough gain to warrant the risk). Kazmir on a different team might be mentioned in the same breath as jake peavy and guys like him and will no doubt be a huge K guy with excellent overall numbers but will he win enough games in T.B.? And will the defense cost him a half a run in ERA?

    Based on what I see this deal just doesnt add up to being much help to you and in fact could cost you offensively in a big way (especially if Jones continues his backwards slide...a real possiblity with the contract situation hanging over him, it hurt him last year). Kazmir is the only plus player i see you getting in return so personally i reject this offer.

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    I don't like it Andrew Jones and Jason Giambi are big gambles and if it doesn't work your screwed if u do except if drop Glaus he got traded and is a question mark to stay healthy. But Wakefield won 17 games last year. U should probably drop Hernandez there are better catchers out there.

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    don't do it. Giambi will not rack up many fantasy points. Andrew Jones and Scott Kazmir are good, but they won't give you as many points as Prince Fielder, Hernandez, Wakefield, and Glaus. I would wait till later in the season and see if Jones, Giambi, or Kazmir has a great breakout season. So, right now, don't do it.

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    No you shouldn't... Jones could have a bounce back year but if he doesn't you want be able to get the homeruns back. I think you could get way more value fielder. Giambi is a wild card and who knows how many games he'll even play..

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